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How to make ROI faster on OPA using Custom Group system? News as on 11/10/2017

Hello Everyone!:)

Thanks for reading AHF BLOG! I am writing after a long time once again here now due to my busy work schedule and as my online writing is a part time business for now. I am on my way to make my blog writing full time on regular basis for the same will be focused on getting more programs listed on AHF MONITOR soon before which I have plans for customization and certain modifications in the Monitor script that are under process.

I am coming back to the topic as “How to make ROI faster on OPA using Custom Group system?”. How many of you know that there is Group Earning System in OPA by using which you guys can take back your ROI faster than standard Revenue Sharing System a default method on any scripts? Luckily OrganicProfitAds has an unique script called Titan that allowed to activate both Automatic Groups + Custom Groups at same time for the members to participate the race of making faster ROI with OPA Revenue Sharing system but unfortunately none of the users so far have created yet a CUSTOM GROUP to invite others to join or even tried this wonderful easy method. This may be due to your no or less knowledge on this feature how it works and what makes the difference in this one while comparing the standard revenue sharing system. Let me explain!

Comparison between Standard ROI, Automatic Group ROI & Custom Group ROI;

In a standard Revenue Sharing System as in OPA you will take back your ROI in 30 active days or more as per the revenue that flows in the revenue sharing pool on daily basis whereas in Group System you make your return in less than 20 days since the revenue is shared among your group by accelerating its speed of accrual by various percentages on daily basis.

Let me explain you how it works in both Automatic Groups and Custom Groups with an instance;


The Automatic Groups are meant for Medium and Large Investors to fall himself in to a category given below according to the total number of Ad Packs required for each individual category mentioned under in order to earn faster ROI himself as an individual without depending on any team or group members. In one-line story an user can increase his/her Accelerated Profit under different category of Automatic Groups by buying the required total number of Ad Packs of the respective types/groups on his/her own interest.

1) 0-50 Active Packs => 100% Accelerated Profit on Total number of Ad Packs he/she has (As Usual same AP amount daily). Assume that it is $1 daily
2) 51-200 Ad Packs => 105% AP a day which is 5% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.05 daily ($1 * 105/100)
3) 201 – 500 Ad Packs => 110% AP a day which is 10% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.10 daily ($1 * 110/100)
2) 501-1000 Ad Packs => 115% AP a day which is 15% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.15 daily ($1 * 115/100)
3) 1001 – 2500 Ad Packs => 120% AP a day which is 20% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.20 daily ($1 * 120/100)
3) 2501 – 10000 Ad Packs => 125% AP a day which is 25% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.25 daily ($1 * 125/100)


Here members are allowed to create a Group of your own and invite your friends and family to join under the group so as to accelerate the profit by speed(percentage). Under a Custom Group, the joiners are allowed to make the given percentage of AP in a Group of members together as a team according to the respective type or group it falls to. The percentage of Acceleration Profit(AP) depends on the total number of Ad pack types as shown in the picture chart for reference here.

There are 6 types of Custom Groups that can be formed by the individual members as follows;
Group Number 1 – Daily profit raised by: 2%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 -100 , Maximum Open instances one can create of this type: 1. Assume that daily accrual is $10 daily as per standard ROI system. So here under this CUSTOM GROUP type 1 you will earn 2% extra daily i.e., 10*2/100 = $0.20 + $10 daily ROI = $10.20 AP
Group Number 2 – Daily profit raised by: 5%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 300 , Maximum Open instances one can create of this type: 5. Similarly 5% extra AP i.e.,$10.50 AP
Group Number 3 – Daily profit raised by: 10%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 500 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 10% extra AP i.e.,$11 AP
Group Number 4 – Daily profit raised by: 15%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 1000 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 15% extra AP i.e.,$11.50 AP
Group Number 5 – Daily profit raised by: 20%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 2500 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 20% extra AP i.e.,$12 AP
Group Number 6 – Daily profit raised by: 25%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 5000 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 25% extra AP i.e.,$12.50 AP

Here Group Number refers to the different types, Ad Packs required to Open/Close refers to the Minimum Ad Packs required for a member to create group and the Maximum Ad Packs the entire group needs to close the group. Maximum Open instances meant for the open/active group of a type one can create at a maximum in a same time.

How to Open Group/Join Custom Group?

1) Go to Groups Page under Revenue Sharing and click on “Open Group” button
2) Fill in the form with all the details required correctly and click on “Open Group” for a progress. While filling the form make sure you have entered the number(alone) against “AdPacks” that you are adding to that particular group from your total number of active Ad Packs in your account in that moment as a ‘Creator’ from your end. Once you created a CUSTOM GROUP you can invite/ask your friends or down lines to join that group to add their active ad packs in order to accelerate the profit speed faster as per the particular type of Custom Group you created. Keep promoting on other ad networks and social medias like FaceBook, Twitter, etc.,.
3) The participants who want to join a particular group can click on the name of the group that you are willing to join, see the details and click ‘join/leave’ button on the top bar, enter the number alone against “Adpacks” and finally click on ‘Join group’ button. The participants can Join/leave the group at any moment.

That is all for now guys! I hope this will help you understand/clarify all your doubts on how the Group System works for faster ROI on OraganicProfitAds. It is advised to read the other article along with this one on the working of Group Systems in the below link to get the knowledge on “How to earn money & how much money you can make by upgrading on OPA?”

Kindly forward this article that as you received in your mail inbox to all of your contacts and share the link of this AHF BLOG post on social medias to your friends and invite to Join us on OPA! I suggest you to add your own referral link of OPA so as to earn 5% the referral commissions on their Ad Pack and Membership purchases as an extra income. If you like to earn 10% extra referral commission on purchases then you are warmly invited for applying as a Social/Regional Representative of OPA.

For AHF,

-Laksha M


How to earn money & how much money you can make by upgrading on OPA?

Hello Everyone!

Once again I am back to discuss here today all about OrganicProfitAds. Many users asks me the same question to me as “how to make money with the system of OPA and how much money can be made by upgrading membership of accounts on OrganicProfiAds?” So I have decided to talk in more detail about this topic now on AHF Blog.

First of all, one must understand that the Revenue sharing site is entirely different from a HYIP where the investors just invest money and will get a fixed % of daily profit or short term guaranteed profit for holding your investments there in you accounts. But in Revenue Sharing programs members are automatically become Buyers of Advertisement Packages or the Advertisers in other words. As soon as you buy Ad Packs you will get a compensation ad campaign package for each Ad Packs you buy that is delivered virtually and instantly with which you can run your own ad campaigns on the service platform of OPA. And the revenue that is generated on this platform by means of revenue models such as Ad Packs, Banner Ads, CPA/GPT, Affiliate networks, Login Ads, etc., is split automatically among the users who bought ad packs on daily basis from the pool balancing that is in 30 days division of profit distribution in OrganicProfitAds. Here to earn daily profits in your account you must click 10 ads daily to get it credited for the next day and in case if you missed a day to click the ads the amount is carried forward to the next days’ pool so it means that you will get the money crediting only if you keep clicking the ads every single previous days. This is how you earn with OPA as a Revenue Sharing Program with Revenue Ad Packs which ranges from Standard, Bronze, Silver & Golden Ad Packs that returns you back 110% to 125% ROI. OrganicProfitAds also offers Referral Upgrade Commission from 2% to 5% with a Ad Pack referral purchase commission of 5% equally on all ad packs for all types of memberships. Clicking on all available cash links is an another source to make 50% of self-click earnings and 50% of referral click commissions. Buying Cash Links would be a best advertising strategy here for those who focus on more conversion rates for their ad campaigns. Other best method of earning an extra commission along-with all the above said commissions is to become a Social Representative of OPA for your own region or country. Apply here to become a precious stone in the crown of OPA!

Coming next to reply the question on upgrades how it brings more profit and the system it works with. I would like to mention here that upgrading your account paves way for earning the highest ROI from 115% to 125% on Ad Packs and from 3% to 5% Referral Upgrade Commissions unlike Standard members. But this is absolutely not for letting you earn any guaranteed or fixed more profits comparatively and not only that how much money here you can make completely depends on your own potential in terms of self investments and/or in terms of your promotional ability or activity to target on more referral commissions.

Upgrading suits the best for those who can either buy more ad packs for self-achievement and/or for who will be able to bring in buyers under them to earn you better commissions if they upgrade their accounts or buying Ad Packs as a down-line. In my personal opinion, I suggest you guys, if you are just a self-earner and not much a Great-promoter as well as if you are a small investor who could buy only from 1 to 50 Ad Packs then stay as a Standard Member itself to earn 10% profit on ad packs which is not a bad one to profit from. Not only that adding your ad packs to a Custom Group would be a wiser idea for Accelerating the profit faster than normal as a Free Member.

If you are a Medium Investor or a Great Investor looking for self earnings by your own investments and/or if you are a Great-promoter too then you are advised to go for an upgrade of your choice. But in case if you are just a self-earner and not a great-promoter then choose to buy the following number of ad packs accordingly; Choose Bronze Membership if you could buy 50-100 Ad Packs, Silver for you could buy 100-200 Ad Packs and Gold for if you could buy 200+ above Ad Packs. Remember another point also that if you are well-confident of being a Great Promoter online then you would be able to go for any membership no constraint as you could make the profits very easily. OrganicProfitAds is working with combined group system named AUTOMATIC + CUSTOM GROUPS system with which the profit speed is accelerating up to 25% individually on both groups respective of how many active ad packs one has in his/her account by self to fall in AUTOMATIC GROUPS and/or how many ad packs you have grouped under appropriate category of CUSTOM GROUPS in which you added your active ad packs manually on your own self interest or on an invitation from a member to join a specific Custom Group created by him/her. In simple words Joining in Custom Groups helps you get back your ROI faster so you will be able to repeat the cycle for many times to earn more profits before your upgrade plan expires. Another best idea to save some money on upgrades is to go for long term memberships like 180 days or 360 days instead of just 30 days. The choice is yours!

That is all for now about the topic! I hope this will clarify all your doubts that is holding you back. Why still wait? If you are not yet joined OPA then join right away and the Happy news is that Contest is still on and will end soon so this is the right time now to make some residual income with this wonderful site! Visit OPA Forum for more details and providing below the announcement made on ‘Investment and Direct Referral Contest’;

“DIRECT REFERRALS(5 AD PACKS) CONTEST started on 7th Aug-2017 ends on 20th Aug-2017
Winner of TOP 3 Position gets $100, $50 & $30 respectively in your AD Balance.
The REQUIREMENT for your name to be listed automatically in the CONTEST BOARD is to get Direct Referrals who can hold at-least 5 AD PACKS as Minimum during the contest period under you.

INVESTMENT CONTEST(MIN. INV. $100) started on 7th Aug-2017 ends on 20th Aug-2017
Winner of TOP 3 Position gets $150, $100 & $50 respectively in your AD Balance.
The REQUIREMENT for your name to be listed automatically in the CONTEST BOARD is to make a Minimum deposit of $100 from any of your Payment Processors account.
Winners will be announced and credited the prizes as soon as the Contest ends.
Good Luck Guys!”

See you all soon with an another article on our AHF BLOG about the features of OrganicProfitAds and its Great Income Opportunity!



Hello Everyone!

After a long time I am back here to Introduce you guys this new revolutionary program the Good News is that this program is my own dream project that I promised a few months ago. I was telling you guys that when the correct time comes I will launch a project like this and now I kept up with my promise. I cannot rate this project as my Review on AHF BLOG (So it is just an Introduction as OPA is my own site) because writing the reviews about OPA you guys deserve to do it on the online forums after Joining OPA & after a fruitful experience that you will feel for sure with OPA. I will keep discussing and updating the news on developments and the future scope of OrganicProfitAds here on AHF BLOG. One more thing I must expose here is that OrganicProfitAds is displayed on AHF MONITOR under Sticky Listing as I know I pay the users of OPA so it ‘Sticky Paying’ for ever! 🙂

Kindly let me start with HOW TO EARN MONEY ON OPA?

It is quite natural for any newbies who join here might get this query in his/her mind. So this guideline will help you to clarify it. Please read further to know more in detail.


The Revenue sharing module is the foremost earning method in OrganicProfitAds and also it is the most popular method of earning among investors since it is a very easy method to earn a passive income without putting any extra hard-work other than a minute activity as surfing just 10 ads in automated mode after buying your desired quantity of Ad Packs at the rate of just $10 per Ad Pack. OPA has no maximum limit for you guys to buy ad packs. OPA offers you if a Standard Member 110% and for upgraded members up to 125% of ROI.

Anyone will like this way of earning with Revenue Sharing for 2 reasons as follows; one they can earn back ROI for their advertisement packs thus you are running your programs’ ad campaigns completely free of cost after which you even earn a percentage of profit for displaying your ads. The second reason is unlike in PTC sites/revenue model where you people have to promote your referral link to get more direct referrals who will click and view the ads under you for you to earn profit even though you work hard and/or invest your money on ad campaigns with other sites to promote for getting direct referrals there is no guarantee that they will click the ads daily without fail. Mostly they are inconsistent/ inactive thus you guys are losing a lot for and because of your referrals.

But here with the Revenue Sharing the work is very simple as the Ad Packs earns you back the ROI that promised as a hassle free income. You guys also will earn 5% direct referral commissions for their purchase of Ad Packs. Upgrading your account allows you to earn more on Ad Packs as well as on the referral Upgrade commission whereas from 2% to 5%


This is what the best way of earning more money regardless of whether you buy ad packs or not. If you work hard on this to promote your referral link to get more and more referrals then you earn points for making them joining under you, earning commissions for their upgrades, Ad packs and Cash Link purchases. You will earn up to 5% commissions for Upgrades and Ad Pack purchases. From this the Surprise Package is, what you know the CASH LINKS nothing else.Are you aware how the referral commissions this ‘Cash Links’ brings you? You guys believe it or not you will earn 50% on every CASH LINKS PURCHASES your Direct Referrals makes under you.


To equalize the missing place of PTC Module on OPA, we have enabled Traffic Exchange that works similar. Here you will get credited for your own click as well as your referral clicks to your Traffic Balance. Read our article on How to Earn with Traffic Exchange here in the previous post. For more details on this please visit our UPGRADE PAGE.


OPA has many features that allows members to earn endless income since there is no limitation on referring Direct Referrals and earning therefore on the commissions after all your self-click earnings and ROI by revenue shares. Apart from these features we also have Cost Per Action/ Get Paid To, Surveys, Traffic Grid, Virtual money (Points), Refback, Group Shares, contests, trophies, Market Place to buy or Sell products etc., more features will also be enabled in future.

That is all for now guys, if you have any doubts or queries please visit OUR SUPPORT PAGE HERE, READ OUR TOS HERE or E-MAIL US HERE.

Stay Tuned and I hope to see you all on the other end in OrganicProfitAds!

All the Best!
Laksha M

Daily News as on 1/06/2017 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed very much the Christmas and the prosperous New Year 2017 too!:) Today I am going to update you guys the worth playable 2 new programs that are already listed on AHF Monitor for good to your knowledge and is a successful paying programs online in the HYIPs Industry.


Mexeer is not simply as an investment platform but it also claims forming its way for the users to do business as an ex changer of the e-currencies by buying and selling e-currencies with the help of their Mexeer wallet called as ‘purse’ with their own currency named as ‘Mex’. And here one Mex is equal to one U.S $ thus it very simple concept where your e-currency deposit as U.S$ (‘Replenish’ there) is auto converted as Mex for investment and it is withdrawn automatically from mex to U.S$ to your respective payment processor accounts from the ‘purse’. Now let me come to the investment plan as a HYIP other than the exchange of the inter currencies. Mexeer have the Light Plan, the Medium Plan and the Larger Plan with the ROI ranging from 150% to 180%. The Light Plan starts with a minimum investment of $10 up to the maximum of $299 and it pays 2% daily for 75 calendar days that leaves you with 50% of profit at the end of the plan maturity. The Medium plan starts with the minimum investment of $300 up to the maximum of $999 and it pays you $2.3% daily until you reach 170% of your total investment thus leaving you with 70% of profit at the end of maturity. Finally the Large plan starts with the minimum of $1000 to the maximum investment of $3000 and this plan leaving you with 80% of profit at its maturity also this is the maximum accepted limit of this program Mexeer.

For AHF,

-Laksha M


Introduction of PALMILLS & Daily News as on 12/29/2016 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying Merry Christmas and forthcoming a very fresh New Year 2017!:) Here is me again after a few days to publish the daily news today since there was nothing important to be circulated and thus today I decided to do so since you could find a few new additions with few Instantly paying programs among them on AHF Monitor. So be excited to go through them join them to make some income online with HYIPs at the right time while they are Hot!

PALMILLS is turned a SCAM! Be Alert!

Well Palmills is one of the smooth Instant Paying program online for more than a month now and it is added to AHF Monitor a few days ago. Palmills has just one simple plan that is 3.5% for 60 business days (accrual credited from Monday to Friday) so it is obvious that you will not get any accrual on holidays. As they pay Instantly you need not to wait at all for receiving your money in your wallet once you request for withdrawal as it is paid within seconds once you withdraw. Minimum Invest is $10 and the Maximum is up to $50000. You will get back the Return On Investment as 210%. Palmills accept the major Payment processors such as PerfectMoney, Adv cash, Payeer, Bitcoin and Payeer. The minimum amount you can request when your account reaches at $0.30. They also offer you a 5% of Referral Commissions as well as to become a regional representative if you wish to earn more commissions for which you should meet certain criteria as they mentioned on their site.

And now about some other aspects such as the design and the script. Palmills is running off licensed Goldcoders script as you could find and have a validated Green bar SSL certificate of Geo Trust to confirm the users safety measures while handling your accounts on their service. Palmills also have a certificate of incorporation in the UK as Bio Palm Oil Plantations Limited.

That is for now and we will see a few other program intros. in the coming days. once again wishing you all MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

For AHF,

-Laksha M





TRUEBIT (SCAM NOW) Review and News Update as on 11/13/2016 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back once again to AHF Blog! Today here I am to talk about TRUEBIT a persistent type of program but it is not in a way a brand new program as they are online for almost 2 months now, it is now added to AHF Monitor newly. I have already received my payments so far of its daily accruals and I must admit that I was paid within a few minutes after request that is really fast whereas they said one will be paid within 24 hours(but usually within 1-4 hours) which is as of now true for good.

By the way for your Information, I am listing the programs here in my AHF Monitor on my own interest as of now rather than voluntary additions from admins of the HYIP scheme listed on my monitor once after they pay for it. Frankly speaking I am awaiting for my monitor to be ranked best in Alexa which could be done in few moon nights if taken some step forward from my end but really I couldn’t do it that faster for two reasons; one is I need it to happen slowly but at the same time I am looking forward to focus on voluntary readers and the real time investors who would stay with me for ever as readers of my AHF Blog and the other reason is that I do a multi-role in my daily life as a Business Owner,  Home Maker, Mother of my Child, Blog Writer, a Social Worker,..for now I prefer to pay only little attention on my blog until it becomes familiar after reaching a good standard ranking in Alexa meanwhile the admins of HYIPs would come forward to deal with AHF Monitor as a best one for their listings.

I am coming back to the point what we were talking about TRUEBIT. It has just one plan but your profit will be higher ranging from 2.4% daily calendar days to maximum 4% daily if you do not withdraw your principal amount after their latest lock-in period of 5 days(previously it was after 20 days). In detail to say there are 5 stages as follows; 2.4% daily for up to the first 20 days of your investment, 2.8% daily for 21-40 days, 3.2% daily for 41 – 60 days, 3.6% daily for 61-80 days & 4% daily from 81th day until time you withdraw back your principal or the program runs successfully online. It is very clear in front that if you stay long with them then they pay you higher interests for as long as you stay with them without requesting your money back.  The minimum investment is $10 and the maximum investment allowed is $50000 and all deposits are subject to the same terms and conditions. You also have all the most popular payment processors such as BitCoin, Payza, OkPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. They also offer you a 5% commission if you refer some down-lines for them.

Coming next about the script security and the design of TrueBit that is running off an modified H-script and is highly secured with the Green Bar of Comodo SSL certificate. TrueBit is hosted on a dedicated server protection from DDos attack that is provided by DDosGuard. This is a wonderful project which is sustainable in long term by its perpetual investment plan and worth investing some money on it which is ‘affordable to lose’ a magic way of being a profitable as well as a smart HYIPs player.

That is all for now and stay tuned with us!

For AHF,

-Laksha M





ZINC7 Introduction and Daily News as on 9/26/2016 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Good Evening and Welcome back to AHF Blog! Today I have a few updates on LARAWITHME and an Introduction on the newly added program on our AHF Monitor called ‘ZINC7’ that has already received a guesswork from members on various forums that it is from the same admin who ran already two successful programs previously named CARBON7 & CAPITAL7. I am not sure as well as no-one can conclude the story or the guesswork is true unless the admin of ZINC7 admit it by himself that he is the same admin or he is related to those old programs in anyway. But that doesn’t matter who runs the program only it matters how long it is going to run successfully paying online. There is no guarantee for its stability although it looks similar to those two successful old programs with its infrastructure and Investment plans. So please do remember the Magic Theory on HYIP Investments, ‘Do Invest the only amount  that you can afford to lose it and divide the same amount to invest it on various programs rather than depending on one particular program for investments’. This formula will help you withstand and make more profits in long term in the industry on HYIPs. Let me give a brief Introduction on ZINC7 that follows;


ZINC7 Investment plans starting from a minimum of $25 in both of their two plans – 7% for 30 calendar days (with the interest only credited on business days/week days except Saturday and Sunday) and the other plan paying once on expiry 110% after 7 calendar days plan.The first plan will include totally 22 business days out of 30 calendar days thus it will bring you back 154% total ROI at the maturity of the plan by paying you 7% daily on 22 business days. The second plan is self-explanatory that it pays you 110% total ROI after 7 calendar days. You can have seven active investment slots running simultaneously at a time with 5 different payment methods as Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The minimum you can withdraw is $2.50 that must be paid within 48hrs after requests that you can make only on business days/ business server time (It means that if you request after Friday server timing it will be paid to you on next Monday only so remember to invest and request keeping this in mind)

The next is all about the script security and the design of ZINC7 that is running off an unique customized script and is highly secured with the Green Bar of Comodo SSL certificate. ZINC7 is hosted on a dedicated server of CloudFlare with BlockDos protection from DDos attack. You also have a withdrawal protection with a PIN that you have to generate it at the time of signing in the ZINC7. I would like to notice you guys their newsletters since launched online till now that follows; Goes Public !
 Today September 7, 2016, it gives us much pleasure to finally announce the grand launch of website, a platform for digital funds management and investing your capital. After a long term of careful planning and web development, it’s finally ready for use for everyone. Our idea was to make the most stable platform ever yet. We aimed at the gradual growth of the company investment taking strategy, because of that we’ve developed a unique schedule of payment processors integrating. In order to obtain gradual growth, you will be able to invest only with a specific payment processor at the time. Each month we will open a new P.P for you to use. Furthermore, an experienced staff was specifically trained to help our members at any given time and with any question or issue occurred.”
“Inception Of
 The name ‘Zinc7’ was born out of our company need to create the best online investment platform that is empowered by our previous success to work with investment funds worldwide with many thanks to applying the number 7 in our marketing and later on, in every aspect of our life. The website development was greatly invested in all aspects (servers setup, design, script customization & staff education), while the entire process was estimated to take ~7 months from start to finish.”
Well, Larawithme  is growing rapidly and very constantly that is haunting the HYIP Industry with a top position. They have achieved this popularity with their unique marketing approach and the entire team supporters who are hardworking as well as the efficient  promotional videos, contests and gifts that are innovative and powerful. So there is no wonder that this project has attracted millions of investments in just 100+ days online and still achieves more and more at the time of my article drafting on AHF Blog. I hope and expect the same flow of growth from LARAWITHME in the coming months so as to make a wonderful record of this year2016 in the HYIPs Industry. Their significant updates in the community news section as follows;
ADVcash is no longer accepted and not possible to withdraw too. BITCOIN REQUESTS MIGHT TAKE TIME & JET BLACK DEPOSIT PLAN IS ACTIVE With 100 Days Online. A special plan is available exclusively to those already with $10K or more in deposits and prepared to add another $50K minimum. This plan offers 1% interest per day but with principal back anytime on request.
“ADVcash is no longer accepted and not possible to withdraw too.
Hello dear friends! We got some news regarding ADVcash payment processor.
As we said recently, we noticed some strange activity with this wallet, administration said us that we reached “monthly limits” which we did not, they froze our account for a few hours, so we can to follow some “upgrade” procedure. Frankly it was just unnecessary and based solely of the fact that we do a lot of exchange back and forth from the wallet, but we deal with it. Although it was first sign…
Right now I’m not pleased to announce that currently our ADVcash wallet is blocked and all the funds there are frozen (about 3 thousand dollars left, what a joke.). There is a happy note anyways – we do not store any money on those wallets, and due to our business we exchange everything, every penny, on Bitcoin constantly, so your money are safely stored at our Bitcoin accounts and those 3K will be covered by us.
Right now ADVcash administration requested more documents and proofs of our business, which will be sent asap, but I think that unfortunately we will not be able to work with ADVcash anymore. It’s getting impossible to deal with them. The problem with us is that LARA do regular exchanges of all the wallet funds, which is considered as “flushing” by ADVcash. We will try to explain that due to our business model we have to work with users funds only in Bitcoin format, but I personally don’t see any other way of cooperating with them at all.
Thankfully users can easily transfer money not only at ADVcash but on all the other payment processor no matter what P.P was used to make a deposit. So we no longer accept or pay money at the ADVanced Cash payment processor. If you have a deposit made via ADVcash – you should specify some other wallets in your settings, such as Payeer, Perfect Money, Payza, Bitcoin. We suggest you to use Bitcoin as a main payment processor at any case.
Please share this important information to all your friends, partners and colleagues.
I hope for your cooperation and understanding.
ADVanced cash is not that advanced for LARA anymore 🙂
Bitcoin is a power :)”


Some of you might see that we are expecting some network problems with Bitcoin again.
Im addressing this message to all the users who feel a need to share with this fact among the chats.
Technically we can’t do anything about this issue and I note again – LARA sends money INSTANTLY from its wallets. If you don’t see it on your Bitcoin account – JUST WAIT. It will eventually come and transaction is not lost. It is Bitcoin network problem only, not LARA’s problem.
There is no reason to ask each other “Do you have the same?” We work with tens of thousands transactions daily from you. Please let us work with it. It is Bitcoin and sometimes it takes time for transactions to came trough. Do not talk with our Support Agents about this case, they can do nothing to fix it. JUST WAIT and enjoy your profits with LARA.”

🍾 With 100 Days Online 🍾For those who seek the best and only…
With our first 100 online days milestone we are proudly announce the grand opening of the new long awaited deposit plan, which was crafted for those who seek pure perfection in their investment journey. Deposit Plan is ready to go…
Created for those who understands the value of the time itself. For people with ambitions under a sentence of becoming reality…
Before talk about specifics, let me go back in time and share with you, why I personally think that such unique service as Jet Black Deposit Plan is one of the most important steps in our LARA community growth and development…
🖋Our idea was always to research, seeking for the most stable & secure investment solutions at the same time providing an extreme, yet possible lifetime return to all the layers of investors worldwide. Our unique business model made possible not only pay 3% daily return for over 100 days straight, but made it completely secure, fully private and god…”flash instant” at any sums! Unlike any other organization in the world, we don’t focus of the money aspect, we are not scared of sharing our real revenue with investors! We pay, and we pay a lot. And possibly because of the holistic and honest approach, combined with professional management we’ve made such a progress for this short period of time.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to show off. I’m just proud. We all are.
Let’s just take a look at the results which became possible only because of all the members of the LARA being united together, trusting, sharing this amazing instrument to the world: ⚜ Over 65K active investors, with real deposits.
⚜ Over $18M invested from users around the globe
⚜ Over $7M dollars paid!
⚜ Over 12K users doubled their deposits already!
But it was not even a start. Let’s call it just a warm up… Because now we have a real powerhouse.
Many users asked for such an update. A lot of big players were eager to bring millions on the table, and now they can…
Introducing The all-new
Starting from $50,000 up to $500,000 this plan offers some exclusive features such as:
– Principal Back Anytime (Request any amount of your deposit back)
– 1% Lifetime profit (7 Days a week)
– Auto-Pilot feature (No withdrawal requests needed, revenue will be send automatically each day of the week, directly at the Bitcoin wallet used to make a deposit)
– Personal 24/7 Concierge assistance (Bitcoin exchange & privacy, legal, security advisor)
– Absolute Privacy. (Bitcoin mixing, no background checks, no names, no ID’s what’s so ever.)
– Europe, UAE meeting is possible.
– “Top Investors” closed chat. Direct contact with all the creators at any moment. In order to create your Jet Black deposit, you have to login your telegram profile, talk to LARA, from the menu: :chart_with_upwards_trend: EARNINGS > MY MONEY >  JET BLACK (50K-500K)
Specify sum you’d like to invest, follow the link to proceed a payment.
For all the active leaders, Jet Black deposit plan start might be a sing of an extreme rewards they’ve never seen. Let me explain how does an affiliate reward system works here…
All the leaders, who’ve managed to sing up big investors on this plan, get 20% affiliate bonus directly from the daily deposit revenue.
Let’s stay your partner invested $100K
Daily revenue from this investment will be $1K daily (1% a day)
While your Jet Black team member receive daily profits, you will be able to get $200 every single day (20% affiliate commission from the revenue).
If deposit revoked, affiliate commission will be re-calculated based on the active deposit balance as well.
Additional promo pages, which explains all the specifics of this plan are being developed as we speak and network of the trusted Representatives ready to fly to is growing rapidly…
Just for the record, new contest which was already named as a Biggest Bitcoin Giveaway on the planet is on it’s way as well. $1,000,000 rewards budget with tremendous gifts in store.
I just hope that it will never be only because of money.
Live your life freely & stay human.
LARA will take care of the rest.”
That is all for now from me and Good Luck for those who have decided to Join these 2 wonderful projects under my links! If you have anything to discuss with me please do not hesitate to logon AHF ShoutBox or send me an e-mail to I shall be Happy to reply you asap!

For AHF,

-Laksha M


Daily News as on 8/31/2016 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a few things that I like to update you guys about the two successfully running projects which are personally added by me on to AHF MONITOR .

LARAWITHME SCAM NOW BE ALERT!!seems to becoming more and more popular among the investors in the HYIP Industry thus an wonderful statistics is shared by its admin on their community page, $5M Invested on the project in in just 73 days is really amazing and with that the program can sustain I hope for several months online paying their investors instantly as usual if nothing bad happen unexpectedly in future. The risks are always involved in HYIPs as they are just Ponzis’ Scheme altogether but just this one point cannot stop any experienced or brilliant smart investors to make huge profits by investing on the right projects in the right time. AHF MONITOR & AHF Blog guidelines its new investors in the right direction to play the HYIPs safely with equitable reviews, news and status updates.

LARAWITHME admin has shared the statistics in their network community as follows;

☄☄☄ 5M Invested. Haven’t even started yet. ☄☄☄

Over 5,000,000 Invested in 73 days.
Close to 24,000 active investors worldwide
1,000,000 deposited in the last 72 hours
– Is there anything faster then Lara Growth
– Yes
– What is it?
– Speed of light. “

I am sure by coming across this Great Statistics no investors will wait for even a moment to invest with LARAWITHME as anyone can guess with this what they can make however it goes on alive. And there is nothing wonder such an innovative program attracts investors like ‘bees to honey’. They have made it simple to you to understand the features what they provide and how the plan works with a brief instructional FAQ that you must be aware of before joining the program.

“How much you can get investing with LARA? 
Answer is simple. Investing once you get 3% R.O.I (Return of Investment) everyday… Lifetime basis.
Calculate your income!
LARA Investment features:
Business Transparency
Know exactly where your capital is going with our Investment Portfolio feature for all trusted clients with 500$ in deposits or more.
Success Schedule
Create your own payout schedule and have your profits automatically deposited to your wallet. No constantly checking your account or having to make withdrawal requests.
Bitcoin Privacy
Feel the power of cryptocurrency. Fastest transactions with no fees, completely secured and the most anonymous currency available worldwide.
Infinity Reinvest
You can instantly reinvest your available balance and continue to grow your capital with no effort on your part. Maximize your net profit with a single click.
⚔ Secured Community
What happens in Lara, stays with Lara. Heavily encrypted Telegram group chats allow thousands of investors and active leaders to stay under the radar of any kind.
🤔 How is the unlimited payment plan refunded?
LARA pays 3% yield from each of your deposits daily, without any changes in terms of payment, claims processing speed, as well as marketing in general. Payments are made without time limits. So the deposit will not return (it is required for constant work in the portfolio) and your payments will be made indefinitely. The user’s deposit is regained approximately on the 33rd day of participation in the system.
During this period, we manage to build a so-called “iron tank” for each member. Through the distribution of investor’s funds to the most profitable projects of the portfolio, especially at the first stage when “IT” is created, as well as the active engaging and implementation of affiliate programs in the projects by our agents, repayment of affiliate bonuses (RCB, ref.back) to LARA representatives, we can create the necessary amount of free funds that can consistently generate not only the promised 3% on a daily basis, but also super-profits aimed at the growth of the “IT” of a particular investor (consecutive the efficiency growth /safety of fund management)
All in all a short term goal, facilitated by the fact that LARA is not obliged to repay the deposit to the investor, allows to grow the amount of free funds successfully, which may bring income in the future, without the requirement of making a new investment. For this reason, endless interest payments are possible, and the system only grows stronger with each passing day.
Find out how much you can earn with LARA now:”

Do s’ and Don’t s’  while LARA is under maintenance or offline.There was some technical issues that resolved already and now at this moment everything runs smoothly but the admin needs everyone to co-operate for such maintenance conditions that may occur in future if any. Please consider the below said points when you see such a situation in future;


If you see this message in our chats – LARA is under maintenance.

We do all our updates right while Lara is running, it is hard to do so sometimes we have to turn off the menu in order to test and check some things. It is a necessary daily procedure and once you see it, share with other that there are some technical works going on.
It takes just half an hour, and within that time we don’t need any flooding and spamming in the chat.
If somebody trying to get an attention, scream and panic in a public community chat – this person will be banned with no questions asked. Ban remain forever, so please think twice before you texting something provocative.
What happens if you click on the menu while it’s offline? You just making our work harder. What happens if all of you do the same? 3-4 times in a row? Congratulations – you’ve made our job close to impossible 🙂
What you should do if menu does not respond? IT WILL ALWAYS RESPOND no matter what, you just have to wait. If you see there is no reaction – wait. If you clicked a second time, still nothing – wait. But that 2nd click shall stay your last one. Otherwise – yes, you’ve made our work harder.
Each user who violate this rules will be blocked from this community forever!
What you should do then? Just take a rest, get some tea or coffee and come back after a while.
Your duty as a participant and community member is to explain and tell all the new users about it.
Our duty is to develop Lara constantly.

#important #technical_works #rules #menu #do_not_respond”

CRYPTOGLORY admin has released a newsletter on the achievements and the progress. The program reached 1000+ members in 9 successful running days online. You can also see the Live Statistics on the total deposits made and the total amount withdrawn at the moment in the home page of Cryptoglory. I feel this is a stable and steady growth for a HYIP as of now and as this a Payza approved site this could attract even more ‘huge investors’  as well as small investors and new comers in the coming weeks. Here is the newsletter delivered on 31st August 2016 by the admin of Cryptoglory;

Newsletter 8/31/2016 Crytoglory:

“New achievements of our team and progress in the program development.
Dear visitors and members of the website! With pride we want to report you about our successes in development of our program and about progress of company.
At first we want to note the fact that the number of active users of our program exceeded 1000 members! And it is success by which we are obliged not only professional work of all CRYPTO GLORY LIMITED team, but also in many respects,  it is success by which we are obliged of your trust to what we do for the most advantageous conditions of investment providing.
Except the obvious growth of popularity of our investment program, it would be to note also the growth of popularity of our company among the famous specialists in the online investment branch. In particular, on August 25, 2016 our program became subject of the detailed analysis on the well-known, popular and influential “MNO BLOG”.

Our program united in itself a mass number of investors from around the world and we with thanks to all our investors and confidence in the future we continue to progress and move forward!
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.
Best Regards
Crypto Glory Limited”

That is all for now from me and Good Luck for those who have decided to Join these 2 wonderful projects under my links! If you have anything to discuss with me please do not hesitate to logon AHF ShoutBox or send me an e-mail to I shall be Happy to reply you asap!

For AHF,

-Laksha M



Daily News(8/28/2016) on HYIPs in our Network

Hello Everyone and A Great Welcome Back to AHFBlog!

It is a ‘Great Welcome Back’ because there was a double troublesome for me since the time I launched it though I  had put all my efforts to run it on the track during the past few months  that I faced to run this site successfully. The first and very worst thing was that my residential area gone down for a very low network coverage (not a wise idea to deal with money & Investments online while there was a lot of network interruptions) & secondly I had a heavy loss of few thousand dollars on my new Paid To Click site that I launched with an objective of providing an enormous and an elite earning platform for my members as well as it might have been a serving platform for advertisers of my both PTC & HYIP sites (But unfortunately the script and hosting provider who was previously doing well familiar for the services in the industry turned as a big scam unexpectedly all of sudden)  thus I had to stop all the promotions for my blog and online communications for good.

Now I myself feel it a great relief to restart my work online especially with my AHF Monitor & Blog since the earliest one is resolving by itself as the time keeps going  and the latter one I hope it will get recovered soon possibly as the opportunity comes on its way.

Immediate after my re-entry I found myself a few good HYIPs from which I selected two out of them LARAWITHME and CRYPTOGLORY that are worth trying them personally and also I do expect some more new good ones to be launched in the industry as this is an awesome autumn that could bring more business to them.  Let us go for a brief introduction of those two reliable programs now.


This is a very unique program which is entirely different from others. At the first step you will have to install a Telegram Messenger on your device accordingly or simply you can enter your phone number here on this web to login. Once you enter this program I am sure you will start loving LARA as it tempts to sink in loving boat of LARA – the ROBOT but also be aware to check often the status updates on AHF MONITOR as it is after all a HYIP!

Once you Activate Lara and enter in to the Telegram Messenger you will find all your transnational activities and the related menus like deposits, withdrawals, referral activities, down-lines, promotional banners, live support, etc.,.. so the Telegram Messenger box is your account dashboard and whatever the option you select from the menu down there the LARA-BOT reacts with you through the chat box over there. The one and only Investment Plan available is 3% daily for ever or until for however long the program lasts. The accepted payment processors are Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Adv. Cash & Bitcoin.

You will be guided by LARA – the bot while you make deposit you can see in the messenger the deposit packages where you can select the Minimum as $10 and the Maximum as up to $50000 (There is no option for random selection of  amount other than the packages available over there). The deposit is confirmed and processed instantly or gets added to your account as soon as you make the payment selecting your individual processor. That is all your work then 3% daily earnings will be credited to your account every 24 hours and you can withdraw them on daily basis to your payment method instantly after each 24 hrs. You also have an option to activate ‘Success Schedule’ feature that will pay you automatically at every weekly intervals once you go for this option after which you need not to do anymore actions in future for earnings withdrawal.  The best feature that attracts many investors to go with Larawithme is the Instant payments that are received in your processor account within few seconds after each withdrawal requests. You have one more feature called “Infinity Reinvest” that will allow you to re-invest when a minimum of $10 is accumulated in your earning balance. They also offer an attractive 10% referral bonus for those who are willing to earn by referring other investors to this site.

About the design it is an unique good looking with a musical background and the Telegram Messenger that works as the brain of the site. They are registered in US. They also provide you with good promotional video that explains in detail the entire process that anyone can understand it clearly and also you have the option to select your own regional languages. About the security and hosting you will find the Comodo EV SSL certified Green Bar and it is hosted with Cloud Flare protected shared servers.

Good Luck for your investments on this program as it sounds worth to bring you more profits for its lifetime!


The second one I added is CRYPTOGLORY that is from an experienced admin in the industry for my knowledge. I hope this project will bring more profits to the earlier investors for its lifetime. This is a very new project online and it is already attracting huge investments from members. I feel this program will be a long lasting program due to its good start and advertising strategy I could see.  I am sure this project will fill many investors’ wallet with huge profits before it could go lifeless in the air. They offer you two investment plans; 2% daily for its lifetime with an option of principal back anytime after 30 days from the date of deposit made & the other plan is 110% ROI after 10 days(principal included). They do accept payment processors such as PM, Payza, Payeer, Okpay, Bitcoin and Adv. Cash.

Minimum deposit accepted is $10 whereas the Maximum allowed is $10000.  Payments are processed instantly that you will find your transactions reflecting in your account within few seconds. If you face any difficulties you can contact them on their friendly Live Support and they are responding immediately. When I deposited using Payza there was a problem with Instant Deposit Reflection in my account but they added it manually to my account soon after I contacted their Live Support. I was even informed that the issue would be resolved to make it work.  They also offer you the highest 15% commission for those who are promoting the site and get active investors. You can also find a promotional video presentation on CRYPTOGLORY home page.

CRYPTOLOGY is designed with a modified Goldcoders script which is most popular and used wider in this industry. They are also licensed for the same. The company is registered in UK holding a document of same. The Comodo EV SSL Green Bar assures the security and the hosting provided to them by a dedicated server which is protected with DDOSGUARD.

That is all for now to say about these two programs. Good Luck to Everyone who have decided to go on with investments in the above projects! Just click on the banners displayed in this post and Join them to make profits at the same time do not forget to read our latest news, updates and posts on AHF Monitor & AHF Blog!

For AHF,

-Laksha M