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About Me

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my own AHF Monitor & Blog! Today(5th July, 2015) is the day of official launch for AHF and I am Happy to announce that here on AHF Blog!

Why to choose

Please take a moment to read further and get to know:-

I have 3+ years experience in on-line money making areas and my journey actually started with the most elite paid to click(PTC) websites  like Neo., Clix. and also many other sites . Unfortunately by fact most of those sites were short-lived turned scam and vanished sooner other than very few sites like the above mentioned elite ones. Not only that we can usually make very little money with huge effort, patience and by experience on such elite PTC programs due to its huge popularity as another fact.

My constant belief in the referral strategy as ‘just promote and promote, create endless traffic to keep enrolling the members’ really have done a wonderful job that took me to level after levels from a PTC worker to the current HYIP Blog writer.

I entered this HYIP Industry as an investor almost 2+ years back at the time when a good program called ‘Profitable Sunrise’ was just turning Non-Profitable to its investors and scammed many of its members including me. After which I really had a tough time with HYIPs losing a lot of money by trusting and following some Dishonest Monitors online that thrive only for money. Still I was making the same mistake of investing on HYIPs again and again later also but with little money that I can afford to lose since I wanted to explore myself why I was losing a several times on HYIPs while others could make more money with these programs.

I really got a breakthrough at the first time when I started trusting a Wonderful HYIP Monitor and Blog called MNO. As a MNO reader and follower I learned how to avoid loses and also I realized what mistakes I was doing in the past that I couldn’t manage to get profit with the most of the HYIPs that I invested. Believe it or not nowadays I do get profits with more than 90% of the HYIPs that I choose to invest and as a result it gave me a lot of guts to start my own HYIP Monitor similar to my inspirational Monitor and Blog, called the MNO! A special Thanks to MNO Admin Paul Abramson for that!

Here I must insist at this point of time about what impressed me to trust MNO Monitor.  I still remember it is just nothing else other than the following words that was twinkling in front of eyes on MNO Monitor Page

“MNO has one simple rule in order to maintain your Paying Status – pay your members! That’s all. Pay them what they are owed and pay them on time and there will be no problems. Selective payments (eg to monitors only) will not be tolerated.”

Henceforth this rule will also be my first and best rule in order to successfully maintain my Blog and Monitor as a most trusted one on-line because each word of the rule are reflecting what exactly a member could expect from a Monitor for being a trusted one in his portfolio. With this it is very clear that anyone can expect my monitor to display and provide information only about good quality as well as promising High Yield Investment Programs on-line.

At last a few words to say, “The foot prints can be followed though it cannot be matched!”  I do have my own strategies and style too so as to achieve my on-line success in long run.

Why still to wait and hesitate? Just get going to find the Goal of Destiny!

For AHF,

-Laksha M