How to make ROI faster on OPA using Custom Group system? News as on 11/10/2017

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I am coming back to the topic as “How to make ROI faster on OPA using Custom Group system?”. How many of you know that there is Group Earning System in OPA by using which you guys can take back your ROI faster than standard Revenue Sharing System a default method on any scripts? Luckily OrganicProfitAds has an unique script called Titan that allowed to activate both Automatic Groups + Custom Groups at same time for the members to participate the race of making faster ROI with OPA Revenue Sharing system but unfortunately none of the users so far have created yet a CUSTOM GROUP to invite others to join or even tried this wonderful easy method. This may be due to your no or less knowledge on this feature how it works and what makes the difference in this one while comparing the standard revenue sharing system. Let me explain!

Comparison between Standard ROI, Automatic Group ROI & Custom Group ROI;

In a standard Revenue Sharing System as in OPA you will take back your ROI in 30 active days or more as per the revenue that flows in the revenue sharing pool on daily basis whereas in Group System you make your return in less than 20 days since the revenue is shared among your group by accelerating its speed of accrual by various percentages on daily basis.

Let me explain you how it works in both Automatic Groups and Custom Groups with an instance;


The Automatic Groups are meant for Medium and Large Investors to fall himself in to a category given below according to the total number of Ad Packs required for each individual category mentioned under in order to earn faster ROI himself as an individual without depending on any team or group members. In one-line story an user can increase his/her Accelerated Profit under different category of Automatic Groups by buying the required total number of Ad Packs of the respective types/groups on his/her own interest.

1) 0-50 Active Packs => 100% Accelerated Profit on Total number of Ad Packs he/she has (As Usual same AP amount daily). Assume that it is $1 daily
2) 51-200 Ad Packs => 105% AP a day which is 5% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.05 daily ($1 * 105/100)
3) 201 – 500 Ad Packs => 110% AP a day which is 10% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.10 daily ($1 * 110/100)
2) 501-1000 Ad Packs => 115% AP a day which is 15% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.15 daily ($1 * 115/100)
3) 1001 – 2500 Ad Packs => 120% AP a day which is 20% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.20 daily ($1 * 120/100)
3) 2501 – 10000 Ad Packs => 125% AP a day which is 25% extra than normal ones. i.e,. $1.25 daily ($1 * 125/100)


Here members are allowed to create a Group of your own and invite your friends and family to join under the group so as to accelerate the profit by speed(percentage). Under a Custom Group, the joiners are allowed to make the given percentage of AP in a Group of members together as a team according to the respective type or group it falls to. The percentage of Acceleration Profit(AP) depends on the total number of Ad pack types as shown in the picture chart for reference here.

There are 6 types of Custom Groups that can be formed by the individual members as follows;
Group Number 1 – Daily profit raised by: 2%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 -100 , Maximum Open instances one can create of this type: 1. Assume that daily accrual is $10 daily as per standard ROI system. So here under this CUSTOM GROUP type 1 you will earn 2% extra daily i.e., 10*2/100 = $0.20 + $10 daily ROI = $10.20 AP
Group Number 2 – Daily profit raised by: 5%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 300 , Maximum Open instances one can create of this type: 5. Similarly 5% extra AP i.e.,$10.50 AP
Group Number 3 – Daily profit raised by: 10%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 500 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 10% extra AP i.e.,$11 AP
Group Number 4 – Daily profit raised by: 15%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 1000 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 15% extra AP i.e.,$11.50 AP
Group Number 5 – Daily profit raised by: 20%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 2500 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 20% extra AP i.e.,$12 AP
Group Number 6 – Daily profit raised by: 25%, Ad Packs required to open/close: 1 – 5000 , Maximum Open instances: 5. Similarly 25% extra AP i.e.,$12.50 AP

Here Group Number refers to the different types, Ad Packs required to Open/Close refers to the Minimum Ad Packs required for a member to create group and the Maximum Ad Packs the entire group needs to close the group. Maximum Open instances meant for the open/active group of a type one can create at a maximum in a same time.

How to Open Group/Join Custom Group?

1) Go to Groups Page under Revenue Sharing and click on “Open Group” button
2) Fill in the form with all the details required correctly and click on “Open Group” for a progress. While filling the form make sure you have entered the number(alone) against “AdPacks” that you are adding to that particular group from your total number of active Ad Packs in your account in that moment as a ‘Creator’ from your end. Once you created a CUSTOM GROUP you can invite/ask your friends or down lines to join that group to add their active ad packs in order to accelerate the profit speed faster as per the particular type of Custom Group you created. Keep promoting on other ad networks and social medias like FaceBook, Twitter, etc.,.
3) The participants who want to join a particular group can click on the name of the group that you are willing to join, see the details and click ‘join/leave’ button on the top bar, enter the number alone against “Adpacks” and finally click on ‘Join group’ button. The participants can Join/leave the group at any moment.

That is all for now guys! I hope this will help you understand/clarify all your doubts on how the Group System works for faster ROI on OraganicProfitAds. It is advised to read the other article along with this one on the working of Group Systems in the below link to get the knowledge on “How to earn money & how much money you can make by upgrading on OPA?”

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