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Hello Everyone!

Today I am here to talk about TRAFFICHEAP the new Revenue sharing program that has been added to our AHF Monitor and some updates on status of Sticky Paying program OrganicProfitAds.

TrafficHeap is online since 13th May of this year 2017 and running online successfully paying its member on time. As an advertisement site that serves you with ads on rotator to create traffic for your site and the banner ads that you can display in the members’ area of TrafficHeap. I must insist one thing that unlike other Revenue Sharing site or paid to surf sites here you need not to surf or view any ads as it is not forced for receiving your daily returns. But you are buying here the Ad Packs that allows you an opportunity to place your other programs link on their rotator that is promoted by them on various platform that can create traffic to your site or else you can place your banners it is up to you. Here again there is no compulsion for you to place those ads if you don’t have any such. Just buy your Ad packs at $50 each that in turn pay you back 180% ROI

Now let me explain you in detail how it entirely works in terms of investments. The Minimum buy is just 1 Ad pack that cost you $50 and the Maximum buy is for $5000 it means that you are buying Ad tokens or ad packs for $50 each so the maximum one can have on TrafficHeap is 100 Ad Packs/tokens at a time. TrafficHeap maintains a 40% ($20 out of $50 per token) of purchase to go in payback pool in order to re-distribute the revenues to its active users who invested. The daily returns are based on the total purchases or sales of the previous day and it is daily distributed in the midnight server time. TrafficHeap also has Repurchase rule of 50% out of the total ROI as 180% thus 130% of it is withdraw-able and the remaining 50% percent will be held in your account for repurchase after your previous return. This maintains the revenue flow of the program for paying the members that join after you and this is for good to keep the program stable and long run.

TrafficHeap accepts all the most popular payment methods online such as Payza, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin and Payeer. The Minimum amount to raise a payout request is $1 as of now equally for all payment processors. All the requests are paid in 24 hrs after withdrawal request.

Here on TrafficHeap the important thing you must remember to activate your tokens as soon as you complete the transaction process. Go to the tab that says ‘Your Tokens’ and click the ‘Action’ button that you might see against the latest token ID that you purchased. The withdrawal requests can be raised under the menu tab that says ‘Cashier’. Affiliates means for your referrals or down-lines. TrafficHeap offers a very attractive referral commission in the industry as 12% for 2 levels depth. Here is what they say as an example for how the affiliate system works on TrafficHeap, I hope this will make you understand clearly how it progress:- “Example: When you invite 10 members, who purchase 10 Tokens/Ads each, you will immediately receive a commission of $600 (!!!) and you can use that commission to buy more Tokens/Ads for yourself or have it paid out to your payment system- or bank account.”

So guys what you have decided to join this program or not? If you understand the risks involved in this HYIP industry then you must stick to the magical strategy that “Invest the amount that you can afford to lose at the same time do not lay all your eggs in one basket”. Never forget to make money with the HYIPs when they are in peek without any delay. As per me if a HYIP stays successfully for more than 3 months online then is a good program and it will be great if it stays for even longer in years.

Happy Earnings with TrafficHeap!


About OrganicProfitAds I have many things to discuss since OPA has many features to be discussed in detail since it is my own website. I will be updating this blog as often as I can with the discussion on OPA features, how to earn money there using those features and plans, how to form a Group under CUSTOM and how does the Automatic Group System work for bring back the faster ROI than normal, etc.,. But will be one by one and today I am just updating the latest features enabled w.r.t Our History and Promises.

We along with my other 2 co-admins do all that it needed for making the project a long term best one staying online for many years to come. I am making sure to do this constantly by bringing in all the new revenue models, enabling great features and much more to provide a best platform for making money online by Advertising.


1) REPURCHASE RULE (20% for all type of Ad Packs)
2) REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE (Regional & Country Representatives get better commissions for their promotional activities and are shown on our official list for representing OPA)
3) CUSTOM GROUPS (Allows you to manage a custom group on your own and invite friends and referrals to join in the group so as to earn ROI faster than normal one)

BITCOIN Payment are also allowed for both deposit and withdrawal now. But unfortunately this can be made manually alone due to its nature. Minimum Withdrawal amount is $5 whereas for other processors it is $2 for first payout and will be increased $1 for every next payments. Please visit OPA Homepage to see the detailed chart of Upgrade plans, Automatic and Custom Group types.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Representative of OPA for your own country please use our CONTACT FORM to apply for. And below is our Newsletter released on 30th June of 2017;

“6/30/2017 11:19:28 PM

Dear All Members,

 We have enabled all the features that was promised. Now you can form CUSTOM GROUPS  as well alongwith AUTOMATIC GROPUS. Just create a group under Revenue Sharing and Invite your friends to join under the group so your daily earnings will be Accelerated upto 25% faster than usual to complete the earning cycle. Please check our chart on home page and forum for more details.

We have also added LOGIN ADS so you can display your ads for the full day as soon as members login they must watch your ad as first before go for surfing. When there are no login ads ADF.LY ads will be displayed thus it will bring us an extra revenue. Kindly support our sponsors by browsing their ads as this in turn brings more revenue to OPA!

REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES feature also we have now where you can apply for becoming a country or regional representative of OPA. You will be making an extra % of commission on all the purchases of your country or regional members who join under you.

BITCOIN Payment method is added now for both deposit and withdrawal.

Happy Earnings!”

That is all for now and will come back soon with more updates on AHF BLOG so never forget to stay tuned and provide us your full support so as to grow together!