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After a long time I am back here to Introduce you guys this new revolutionary program the Good News is that this program is my own dream project that I promised a few months ago. I was telling you guys that when the correct time comes I will launch a project like this and now I kept up with my promise. I cannot rate this project as my Review on AHF BLOG (So it is just an Introduction as OPA is my own site) because writing the reviews about OPA you guys deserve to do it on the online forums after Joining OPA & after a fruitful experience that you will feel for sure with OPA. I will keep discussing and updating the news on developments and the future scope of OrganicProfitAds here on AHF BLOG. One more thing I must expose here is that OrganicProfitAds is displayed on AHF MONITOR under Sticky Listing as I know I pay the users of OPA so it ‘Sticky Paying’ for ever! 🙂

Kindly let me start with HOW TO EARN MONEY ON OPA?

It is quite natural for any newbies who join here might get this query in his/her mind. So this guideline will help you to clarify it. Please read further to know more in detail.


The Revenue sharing module is the foremost earning method in OrganicProfitAds and also it is the most popular method of earning among investors since it is a very easy method to earn a passive income without putting any extra hard-work other than a minute activity as surfing just 10 ads in automated mode after buying your desired quantity of Ad Packs at the rate of just $10 per Ad Pack. OPA has no maximum limit for you guys to buy ad packs. OPA offers you if a Standard Member 110% and for upgraded members up to 125% of ROI.

Anyone will like this way of earning with Revenue Sharing for 2 reasons as follows; one they can earn back ROI for their advertisement packs thus you are running your programs’ ad campaigns completely free of cost after which you even earn a percentage of profit for displaying your ads. The second reason is unlike in PTC sites/revenue model where you people have to promote your referral link to get more direct referrals who will click and view the ads under you for you to earn profit even though you work hard and/or invest your money on ad campaigns with other sites to promote for getting direct referrals there is no guarantee that they will click the ads daily without fail. Mostly they are inconsistent/ inactive thus you guys are losing a lot for and because of your referrals.

But here with the Revenue Sharing the work is very simple as the Ad Packs earns you back the ROI that promised as a hassle free income. You guys also will earn 5% direct referral commissions for their purchase of Ad Packs. Upgrading your account allows you to earn more on Ad Packs as well as on the referral Upgrade commission whereas from 2% to 5%


This is what the best way of earning more money regardless of whether you buy ad packs or not. If you work hard on this to promote your referral link to get more and more referrals then you earn points for making them joining under you, earning commissions for their upgrades, Ad packs and Cash Link purchases. You will earn up to 5% commissions for Upgrades and Ad Pack purchases. From this the Surprise Package is, what you know the CASH LINKS nothing else.Are you aware how the referral commissions this ‘Cash Links’ brings you? You guys believe it or not you will earn 50% on every CASH LINKS PURCHASES your Direct Referrals makes under you.


To equalize the missing place of PTC Module on OPA, we have enabled Traffic Exchange that works similar. Here you will get credited for your own click as well as your referral clicks to your Traffic Balance. Read our article on How to Earn with Traffic Exchange here in the previous post. For more details on this please visit our UPGRADE PAGE.


OPA has many features that allows members to earn endless income since there is no limitation on referring Direct Referrals and earning therefore on the commissions after all your self-click earnings and ROI by revenue shares. Apart from these features we also have Cost Per Action/ Get Paid To, Surveys, Traffic Grid, Virtual money (Points), Refback, Group Shares, contests, trophies, Market Place to buy or Sell products etc., more features will also be enabled in future.

That is all for now guys, if you have any doubts or queries please visit OUR SUPPORT PAGE HERE, READ OUR TOS HERE or E-MAIL US HERE.

Stay Tuned and I hope to see you all on the other end in OrganicProfitAds!

All the Best!
Laksha M