How to Earn Money with Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange essentially means viewing others site to have the others view one’s particular site. It is a kind of advertising or site promotion that is really inexpensive. One can actually begin in it without spending for membership fees.

The initial reason in surfing different sites within a traffic exchange program could be the fundamental one. However, as time goes by there are other benefits one can get from it aside from generating traffic to a site.


How it Works

You can place your campaigns by buying Traffic credits or free credits by daily surfing the sites displayed without fail and similarly promote your referral link on other sites so more direct referrals join under you to click ads so as you to earn more and more traffic credits for free and later you can also buy Traffic Exchange credits for your other sites using the Traffic Balance you earn by your surfing and promotional activities.


Most traffic programs impose a time limit where members have to stay on a page, from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. All ads make use of captcha to ensure users interaction. The main reason people join these services is because the of the massive traffic they receive will tend to increase their site rankings.

Steps for Using Traffic exchange

Step: 1

Register best traffic Traffic exchange program as OPA

Step: 2

Place any one or more or your referral links of the other money earning program online of which you are a member. Traffic exchange program provides targeted hits to your website.

Step: 3

Click and view the ads that are placed by other members by clicking ‘Start Surfing’. Solve captcha for each advertisement to proceed to the next ads and earn credits for each advertisement you view in your Traffic Balance.

Step: 4

Promote your referral link of on other online money making a program like PTC sites, Paid to Surf sites and Revenue sharing sites.

You will earn more and more referral click earnings as long as you have got more active direct referrals under you for which you should keep promoting your OPA referral link.

Step: 5

Earn credit using traffic exchange program and get a massive traffic for your other earning sites.

There are two types of traffic exchanges

Manual Surf Traffic Exchange

Auto Surf Traffic Exchange

Manual Surf Traffic exchange: In this type of exchange, you manually click through the other member’s websites or advertisements. Normally there is an anti-cheat technique of some variety being utilized to protect that the system is not being cheated.

I can assure you that any exchange that does not have an anti-cheat system is being cheated by a few people.

Auto Surf Traffic exchange: This system is less demanding to utilize, however far less effective. Fundamentally, it runs automatically with no effort on your part, changing websites or ads every so many seconds. Clearly, on the off chance that you don’t have to take a look at it to have it work, chances are, and individuals haven’t surveyed your advertisement either.

Mistake happen in Traffic Exchange

  • Fake visitors
  • Increase in bounce rate
  • Nobody cares about your site

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