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Revenue Sharing Sites

The revenue sharing sites as many people call them are sites where you purchase advertising packs and you get traffic and a small profit for each of your ad packs. The profit is not guaranteed since the revenue sharing sites are not expected to be considered investments or business opportunities.

A revenue sharing site is a website or organization that shares a percentage of his earnings between members who buy a revenue share pack, also known as a share or ad pack. Most of the time, these programs are advertising websites and require to surf various advertisements every day in order to be eligible for revenue share each minute, hour or day.

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Revenue Sharing Business Model

The revenue sharing sites don’t have the safest business plan since the member’s profits are based on the deals made by the organization. Therefore, these sites can`t give you a guarantee that you’ll make a benefit or that you’ll even recover the cash spent on their advertising packs.

Earning a commission for each purchased advertisement pack is only a form of incentive for people to purchase these advertising packs. There are a few of these revenue sharing sites which managed to last for a few years, however most of these new revenue sharing sites don’t have a lifespan more than 6 months.

Fundamentally, if people stop promoting these sites and if the organization doesn’t have a fund reserve to pay further, the earnings will stall. You shouldn’t treat these websites like investment opportunities or spend all your lifetime investment funds there by any methods.

Revenue Sharing Site

How the revenue sharing sites work?

Each time you purchase a sharing position (advertisement pack); you get advertising credits that you can use to get presentation for different programs you are in. The quality of the traffic received after purchasing these shares it’s not the best since the traffic it’s boosted traffic that originates from the people`s area (usually banners or a traffic exchange).

Still, in the event you are a bit creative with your banners, if you utilize a video with auto play choice on your select in page or if you write really catchy headlines, you can get some opt-ins or even sales with the enough amount of traffic.

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Earn Money with Revenue Sharing

In spite of the unstable business model, the revenue sharing sites were my first online breakthrough and helped me to earn a nice amount of money online. I joined the first revenue sharing in June 2015 (My Paying Ads) and even today, I’m still earning money from this program. But this is only a fortunate example because most of the other revenue sharing sites I joined after are long gone.

There are 2 methods of earning money with the revenue sharing sites (sometimes 3 when you can click cash links): Purchasing advertisement packs and earning that commission after every advertisement packs expires.

Referring other people and earning a commission every time these people purchase an advertisement pack. Both of these strategies can be profitable, yet referring other people will definitely give your earnings a boost since you usually earn commission from the value of every advertisement pack purchased by your referrals.