Daily News as on 1/06/2017 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed very much the Christmas and the prosperous New Year 2017 too!:) Today I am going to update you guys the worth playable 2 new programs that are already listed on AHF Monitor for good to your knowledge and is a successful paying programs online in the HYIPs Industry.


Mexeer is not simply as an investment platform but it also claims forming its way for the users to do business as an ex changer of the e-currencies by buying and selling e-currencies with the help of their Mexeer wallet called as ‘purse’ with their own currency named as ‘Mex’. And here one Mex is equal to one U.S $ thus it very simple concept where your e-currency deposit as U.S$ (‘Replenish’ there) is auto converted as Mex for investment and it is withdrawn automatically from mex to U.S$ to your respective payment processor accounts from the ‘purse’. Now let me come to the investment plan as a HYIP other than the exchange of the inter currencies. Mexeer have the Light Plan, the Medium Plan and the Larger Plan with the ROI ranging from 150% to 180%. The Light Plan starts with a minimum investment of $10 up to the maximum of $299 and it pays 2% daily for 75 calendar days that leaves you with 50% of profit at the end of the plan maturity. The Medium plan starts with the minimum investment of $300 up to the maximum of $999 and it pays you $2.3% daily until you reach 170% of your total investment thus leaving you with 70% of profit at the end of maturity. Finally the Large plan starts with the minimum of $1000 to the maximum investment of $3000 and this plan leaving you with 80% of profit at its maturity also this is the maximum accepted limit of this program Mexeer.

As I mentioned earlier here in Mexeer before you can invest in your account you need to fund your account by clicking the button ‘Replenish’ under the purse card later which you have to ‘invest’ the amount from your purse to the plan you chose for start earning or else your amount will be sitting there in your account purse doing nothing. Mexeer accept payment from PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Adv Cash, LiteCoin, DashCoin, PeerCoin. They also charge withdrawal fees to the customers that are different for diferrent payment processors which you can find at the bottom of their site under’Rates’.

Now about the security part and the script design features of Mexeer. The script is completely custom made script designed from the scratch which is an unique and different one from the goldcoders or any other popular HYIP script that are familiar among the investors. You will be asked to generate a PIN for security and also you will find asking the verification code that is e-mailed automatically for withdrawal purpose. The hosting server is provided with Cloudflare protection from DDOS attack and another layer of security is provided by an extended validation of SSL Green Bar certificate by Comodo.


BPetroleum is another successful HYIP of the season paying Instantly to its customers online.  Bpetroleum has just one simple and sustainable plan as I could see that is 2.5% daily paying for 60 calendar days. It is that bpetroleum pays you back 150% from which your profit will be 50% net. Bpetroleum accepts the major payment methods such as PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin.  The minimum amount to invest is $10 and there is no maximum limit for the investment for which they say it is one million the maximum.

Coming next to the other technical aspects such as the design and the script of Bpetroleum. In order to prevent from any malicious attack the hosting server of Bpetroleum is protected with the help of DDoSGuard and a validation of Green bar SSL certification from Thawte for safer transaction and browsing experience. However Bpetroleum is running off a licensed Goldcoders script, a most familiar script in the industry.

That is all for now and if you have decided already to join any of these programs just click on the above banner or links of AHF Monitor as you could join under me and contact me for any help or clarifications that you may need in handling your investments there. Have a Great Day!

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