ZINC7 Introduction and Daily News as on 9/26/2016 in the HYIPs Industry

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Good Evening and Welcome back to AHF Blog! Today I have a few updates on LARAWITHME and an Introduction on the newly added program on our AHF Monitor called ‘ZINC7’ that has already received a guesswork from members on various forums that it is from the same admin who ran already two successful programs previously named CARBON7 & CAPITAL7. I am not sure as well as no-one can conclude the story or the guesswork is true unless the admin of ZINC7 admit it by himself that he is the same admin or he is related to those old programs in anyway. But that doesn’t matter who runs the program only it matters how long it is going to run successfully paying online. There is no guarantee for its stability although it looks similar to those two successful old programs with its infrastructure and Investment plans. So please do remember the Magic Theory on HYIP Investments, ‘Do Invest the only amount  that you can afford to lose it and divide the same amount to invest it on various programs rather than depending on one particular program for investments’. This formula will help you withstand and make more profits in long term in the industry on HYIPs. Let me give a brief Introduction on ZINC7 that follows;


ZINC7 Investment plans starting from a minimum of $25 in both of their two plans – 7% for 30 calendar days (with the interest only credited on business days/week days except Saturday and Sunday) and the other plan paying once on expiry 110% after 7 calendar days plan.The first plan will include totally 22 business days out of 30 calendar days thus it will bring you back 154% total ROI at the maturity of the plan by paying you 7% daily on 22 business days. The second plan is self-explanatory that it pays you 110% total ROI after 7 calendar days. You can have seven active investment slots running simultaneously at a time with 5 different payment methods as Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. The minimum you can withdraw is $2.50 that must be paid within 48hrs after requests that you can make only on business days/ business server time (It means that if you request after Friday server timing it will be paid to you on next Monday only so remember to invest and request keeping this in mind)

The next is all about the script security and the design of ZINC7 that is running off an unique customized script and is highly secured with the Green Bar of Comodo SSL certificate. ZINC7 is hosted on a dedicated server of CloudFlare with BlockDos protection from DDos attack. You also have a withdrawal protection with a PIN that you have to generate it at the time of signing in the ZINC7. I would like to notice you guys their newsletters since launched online till now that follows;

Zinc7.cc Goes Public !
 Today September 7, 2016, it gives us much pleasure to finally announce the grand launch of Zinc7.cc website, a platform for digital funds management and investing your capital. After a long term of careful planning and web development, it’s finally ready for use for everyone. Our idea was to make the most stable platform ever yet. We aimed at the gradual growth of the company investment taking strategy, because of that we’ve developed a unique schedule of payment processors integrating. In order to obtain gradual growth, you will be able to invest only with a specific payment processor at the time. Each month we will open a new P.P for you to use. Furthermore, an experienced staff was specifically trained to help our members at any given time and with any question or issue occurred.”
“Inception Of Zinc7.cc
 The name ‘Zinc7’ was born out of our company need to create the best online investment platform that is empowered by our previous success to work with investment funds worldwide with many thanks to applying the number 7 in our marketing and later on, in every aspect of our life. The website development was greatly invested in all aspects (servers setup, design, script customization & staff education), while the entire process was estimated to take ~7 months from start to finish.”
Well, Larawithme  is growing rapidly and very constantly that is haunting the HYIP Industry with a top position. They have achieved this popularity with their unique marketing approach and the entire team supporters who are hardworking as well as the efficient  promotional videos, contests and gifts that are innovative and powerful. So there is no wonder that this project has attracted millions of investments in just 100+ days online and still achieves more and more at the time of my article drafting on AHF Blog. I hope and expect the same flow of growth from LARAWITHME in the coming months so as to make a wonderful record of this year2016 in the HYIPs Industry. Their significant updates in the community news section as follows;
ADVcash is no longer accepted and not possible to withdraw too. BITCOIN REQUESTS MIGHT TAKE TIME & JET BLACK DEPOSIT PLAN IS ACTIVE With 100 Days Online. A special plan is available exclusively to those already with $10K or more in deposits and prepared to add another $50K minimum. This plan offers 1% interest per day but with principal back anytime on request.
“ADVcash is no longer accepted and not possible to withdraw too.
Hello dear friends! We got some news regarding ADVcash payment processor.
As we said recently, we noticed some strange activity with this wallet, administration said us that we reached “monthly limits” which we did not, they froze our account for a few hours, so we can to follow some “upgrade” procedure. Frankly it was just unnecessary and based solely of the fact that we do a lot of exchange back and forth from the wallet, but we deal with it. Although it was first sign…
Right now I’m not pleased to announce that currently our ADVcash wallet is blocked and all the funds there are frozen (about 3 thousand dollars left, what a joke.). There is a happy note anyways – we do not store any money on those wallets, and due to our business we exchange everything, every penny, on Bitcoin constantly, so your money are safely stored at our Bitcoin accounts and those 3K will be covered by us.
Right now ADVcash administration requested more documents and proofs of our business, which will be sent asap, but I think that unfortunately we will not be able to work with ADVcash anymore. It’s getting impossible to deal with them. The problem with us is that LARA do regular exchanges of all the wallet funds, which is considered as “flushing” by ADVcash. We will try to explain that due to our business model we have to work with users funds only in Bitcoin format, but I personally don’t see any other way of cooperating with them at all.
Thankfully users can easily transfer money not only at ADVcash but on all the other payment processor no matter what P.P was used to make a deposit. So we no longer accept or pay money at the ADVanced Cash payment processor. If you have a deposit made via ADVcash – you should specify some other wallets in your settings, such as Payeer, Perfect Money, Payza, Bitcoin. We suggest you to use Bitcoin as a main payment processor at any case.
Please share this important information to all your friends, partners and colleagues.
I hope for your cooperation and understanding.
ADVanced cash is not that advanced for LARA anymore 🙂
Bitcoin is a power :)”


Some of you might see that we are expecting some network problems with Bitcoin again.
Im addressing this message to all the users who feel a need to share with this fact among the chats.
Technically we can’t do anything about this issue and I note again – LARA sends money INSTANTLY from its wallets. If you don’t see it on your Bitcoin account – JUST WAIT. It will eventually come and transaction is not lost. It is Bitcoin network problem only, not LARA’s problem.
There is no reason to ask each other “Do you have the same?” We work with tens of thousands transactions daily from you. Please let us work with it. It is Bitcoin and sometimes it takes time for transactions to came trough. Do not talk with our Support Agents about this case, they can do nothing to fix it. JUST WAIT and enjoy your profits with LARA.”

🍾 With 100 Days Online 🍾For those who seek the best and only…
With our first 100 online days milestone we are proudly announce the grand opening of the new long awaited deposit plan, which was crafted for those who seek pure perfection in their investment journey. Deposit Plan is ready to go…
Created for those who understands the value of the time itself. For people with ambitions under a sentence of becoming reality…
Before talk about specifics, let me go back in time and share with you, why I personally think that such unique service as Jet Black Deposit Plan is one of the most important steps in our LARA community growth and development…
🖋Our idea was always to research, seeking for the most stable & secure investment solutions at the same time providing an extreme, yet possible lifetime return to all the layers of investors worldwide. Our unique business model made possible not only pay 3% daily return for over 100 days straight, but made it completely secure, fully private and god…”flash instant” at any sums! Unlike any other organization in the world, we don’t focus of the money aspect, we are not scared of sharing our real revenue with investors! We pay, and we pay a lot. And possibly because of the holistic and honest approach, combined with professional management we’ve made such a progress for this short period of time.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to show off. I’m just proud. We all are.
Let’s just take a look at the results which became possible only because of all the members of the LARA being united together, trusting, sharing this amazing instrument to the world: ⚜ Over 65K active investors, with real deposits.
⚜ Over $18M invested from users around the globe
⚜ Over $7M dollars paid!
⚜ Over 12K users doubled their deposits already!
But it was not even a start. Let’s call it just a warm up… Because now we have a real powerhouse.
Many users asked for such an update. A lot of big players were eager to bring millions on the table, and now they can…
Introducing The all-new
Starting from $50,000 up to $500,000 this plan offers some exclusive features such as:
– Principal Back Anytime (Request any amount of your deposit back)
– 1% Lifetime profit (7 Days a week)
– Auto-Pilot feature (No withdrawal requests needed, revenue will be send automatically each day of the week, directly at the Bitcoin wallet used to make a deposit)
– Personal 24/7 Concierge assistance (Bitcoin exchange & privacy, legal, security advisor)
– Absolute Privacy. (Bitcoin mixing, no background checks, no names, no ID’s what’s so ever.)
– Europe, UAE meeting is possible.
– “Top Investors” closed chat. Direct contact with all the creators at any moment. In order to create your Jet Black deposit, you have to login your telegram profile, talk to LARA, from the menu: :chart_with_upwards_trend: EARNINGS > MY MONEY >  JET BLACK (50K-500K)
Specify sum you’d like to invest, follow the link to proceed a payment.
For all the active leaders, Jet Black deposit plan start might be a sing of an extreme rewards they’ve never seen. Let me explain how does an affiliate reward system works here…
All the leaders, who’ve managed to sing up big investors on this plan, get 20% affiliate bonus directly from the daily deposit revenue.
Let’s stay your partner invested $100K
Daily revenue from this investment will be $1K daily (1% a day)
While your Jet Black team member receive daily profits, you will be able to get $200 every single day (20% affiliate commission from the revenue).
If deposit revoked, affiliate commission will be re-calculated based on the active deposit balance as well.
Additional promo pages, which explains all the specifics of this plan are being developed as we speak and network of the trusted Representatives ready to fly to is growing rapidly…
Just for the record, new contest which was already named as a Biggest Bitcoin Giveaway on the planet is on it’s way as well. $1,000,000 rewards budget with tremendous gifts in store.
I just hope that it will never be only because of money.
Live your life freely & stay human.
LARA will take care of the rest.”
That is all for now from me and Good Luck for those who have decided to Join these 2 wonderful projects under my links! If you have anything to discuss with me please do not hesitate to logon AHF ShoutBox or send me an e-mail to laksha519@gmail.com I shall be Happy to reply you asap!

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