Daily News as on 8/31/2016 in the HYIPs Industry

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Today I have a few things that I like to update you guys about the two successfully running projects which are personally added by me on to AHF MONITOR .

LARAWITHME SCAM NOW BE ALERT!!seems to becoming more and more popular among the investors in the HYIP Industry thus an wonderful statistics is shared by its admin on their community page, $5M Invested on the project in in just 73 days is really amazing and with that the program can sustain I hope for several months online paying their investors instantly as usual if nothing bad happen unexpectedly in future. The risks are always involved in HYIPs as they are just Ponzis’ Scheme altogether but just this one point cannot stop any experienced or brilliant smart investors to make huge profits by investing on the right projects in the right time. AHF MONITOR & AHF Blog guidelines its new investors in the right direction to play the HYIPs safely with equitable reviews, news and status updates.

LARAWITHME admin has shared the statistics in their network community as follows;

☄☄☄ 5M Invested. Haven’t even started yet. ☄☄☄

Over 5,000,000 Invested in 73 days.
Close to 24,000 active investors worldwide
1,000,000 deposited in the last 72 hours
– Is there anything faster then Lara Growth
– Yes
– What is it?
– Speed of light. “

I am sure by coming across this Great Statistics no investors will wait for even a moment to invest with LARAWITHME as anyone can guess with this what they can make however it goes on alive. And there is nothing wonder such an innovative program attracts investors like ‘bees to honey’. They have made it simple to you to understand the features what they provide and how the plan works with a brief instructional FAQ that you must be aware of before joining the program.

“How much you can get investing with LARA? 
Answer is simple. Investing once you get 3% R.O.I (Return of Investment) everyday… Lifetime basis.
Calculate your income!
LARA Investment features:
Business Transparency
Know exactly where your capital is going with our Investment Portfolio feature for all trusted clients with 500$ in deposits or more.
Success Schedule
Create your own payout schedule and have your profits automatically deposited to your wallet. No constantly checking your account or having to make withdrawal requests.
Bitcoin Privacy
Feel the power of cryptocurrency. Fastest transactions with no fees, completely secured and the most anonymous currency available worldwide.
Infinity Reinvest
You can instantly reinvest your available balance and continue to grow your capital with no effort on your part. Maximize your net profit with a single click.
⚔ Secured Community
What happens in Lara, stays with Lara. Heavily encrypted Telegram group chats allow thousands of investors and active leaders to stay under the radar of any kind.
🤔 How is the unlimited payment plan refunded?
LARA pays 3% yield from each of your deposits daily, without any changes in terms of payment, claims processing speed, as well as marketing in general. Payments are made without time limits. So the deposit will not return (it is required for constant work in the portfolio) and your payments will be made indefinitely. The user’s deposit is regained approximately on the 33rd day of participation in the system.
During this period, we manage to build a so-called “iron tank” for each member. Through the distribution of investor’s funds to the most profitable projects of the portfolio, especially at the first stage when “IT” is created, as well as the active engaging and implementation of affiliate programs in the projects by our agents, repayment of affiliate bonuses (RCB, ref.back) to LARA representatives, we can create the necessary amount of free funds that can consistently generate not only the promised 3% on a daily basis, but also super-profits aimed at the growth of the “IT” of a particular investor (consecutive the efficiency growth /safety of fund management)
All in all a short term goal, facilitated by the fact that LARA is not obliged to repay the deposit to the investor, allows to grow the amount of free funds successfully, which may bring income in the future, without the requirement of making a new investment. For this reason, endless interest payments are possible, and the system only grows stronger with each passing day.
Find out how much you can earn with LARA now:

Do s’ and Don’t s’  while LARA is under maintenance or offline.There was some technical issues that resolved already and now at this moment everything runs smoothly but the admin needs everyone to co-operate for such maintenance conditions that may occur in future if any. Please consider the below said points when you see such a situation in future;


If you see this message in our chats – LARA is under maintenance.

We do all our updates right while Lara is running, it is hard to do so sometimes we have to turn off the menu in order to test and check some things. It is a necessary daily procedure and once you see it, share with other that there are some technical works going on.
It takes just half an hour, and within that time we don’t need any flooding and spamming in the chat.
If somebody trying to get an attention, scream and panic in a public community chat – this person will be banned with no questions asked. Ban remain forever, so please think twice before you texting something provocative.
What happens if you click on the menu while it’s offline? You just making our work harder. What happens if all of you do the same? 3-4 times in a row? Congratulations – you’ve made our job close to impossible 🙂
What you should do if menu does not respond? IT WILL ALWAYS RESPOND no matter what, you just have to wait. If you see there is no reaction – wait. If you clicked a second time, still nothing – wait. But that 2nd click shall stay your last one. Otherwise – yes, you’ve made our work harder.
Each user who violate this rules will be blocked from this community forever!
What you should do then? Just take a rest, get some tea or coffee and come back after a while.
Your duty as a participant and community member is to explain and tell all the new users about it.
Our duty is to develop Lara constantly.

#important #technical_works #rules #menu #do_not_respond”

CRYPTOGLORY admin has released a newsletter on the achievements and the progress. The program reached 1000+ members in 9 successful running days online. You can also see the Live Statistics on the total deposits made and the total amount withdrawn at the moment in the home page of Cryptoglory. I feel this is a stable and steady growth for a HYIP as of now and as this a Payza approved site this could attract even more ‘huge investors’  as well as small investors and new comers in the coming weeks. Here is the newsletter delivered on 31st August 2016 by the admin of Cryptoglory;

Newsletter 8/31/2016 Crytoglory:

“New achievements of our team and progress in the program development.
Dear visitors and members of the www.cryptoglory.com website! With pride we want to report you about our successes in development of our program and about progress of company.
At first we want to note the fact that the number of active users of our program exceeded 1000 members! And it is success by which we are obliged not only professional work of all CRYPTO GLORY LIMITED team, but also in many respects,  it is success by which we are obliged of your trust to what we do for the most advantageous conditions of investment providing.
Except the obvious growth of popularity of our investment program, it would be to note also the growth of popularity of our company among the famous specialists in the online investment branch. In particular, on August 25, 2016 our program became subject of the detailed analysis on the well-known, popular and influential “MNO BLOG”.

Our program united in itself a mass number of investors from around the world and we with thanks to all our investors and confidence in the future we continue to progress and move forward!
Stay tuned for more updates.
Thank you.
Best Regards
Crypto Glory Limited

That is all for now from me and Good Luck for those who have decided to Join these 2 wonderful projects under my links! If you have anything to discuss with me please do not hesitate to logon AHF ShoutBox or send me an e-mail to laksha519@gmail.com I shall be Happy to reply you asap!

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