Hello Everyone!

After a long time I am back here to Introduce you guys this new revolutionary program the Good News is that this program is my own dream project that I promised a few months ago. I was telling you guys that when the correct time comes I will launch a project like this and now I kept up with my promise. I cannot rate this project as my Review on AHF BLOG (So it is just an Introduction as OPA is my own site) because writing the reviews about OPA you guys deserve to do it on the online forums after Joining OPA & after a fruitful experience that you will feel for sure with OPA. I will keep discussing and updating the news on developments and the future scope of OrganicProfitAds here on AHF BLOG. One more thing I must expose here is that OrganicProfitAds is displayed on AHF MONITOR under Sticky Listing as I know I pay the users of OPA so it ‘Sticky Paying’ for ever! 🙂

Kindly let me start with HOW TO EARN MONEY ON OPA?

It is quite natural for any newbies who join here might get this query in his/her mind. So this guideline will help you to clarify it. Please read further to know more in detail.


The Revenue sharing module is the foremost earning method in OrganicProfitAds and also it is the most popular method of earning among investors since it is a very easy method to earn a passive income without putting any extra hard-work other than a minute activity as surfing just 10 ads in automated mode after buying your desired quantity of Ad Packs at the rate of just $10 per Ad Pack. OPA has no maximum limit for you guys to buy ad packs. OPA offers you if a Standard Member 110% and for upgraded members up to 125% of ROI.

Anyone will like this way of earning with Revenue Sharing for 2 reasons as follows; one they can earn back ROI for their advertisement packs thus you are running your programs’ ad campaigns completely free of cost after which you even earn a percentage of profit for displaying your ads. The second reason is unlike in PTC sites/revenue model where you people have to promote your referral link to get more direct referrals who will click and view the ads under you for you to earn profit even though you work hard and/or invest your money on ad campaigns with other sites to promote for getting direct referrals there is no guarantee that they will click the ads daily without fail. Mostly they are inconsistent/ inactive thus you guys are losing a lot for and because of your referrals.

But here with the Revenue Sharing the work is very simple as the Ad Packs earns you back the ROI that promised as a hassle free income. You guys also will earn 5% direct referral commissions for their purchase of Ad Packs. Upgrading your account allows you to earn more on Ad Packs as well as on the referral Upgrade commission whereas from 2% to 5%


This is what the best way of earning more money regardless of whether you buy ad packs or not. If you work hard on this to promote your referral link to get more and more referrals then you earn points for making them joining under you, earning commissions for their upgrades, Ad packs and Cash Link purchases. You will earn up to 5% commissions for Upgrades and Ad Pack purchases. From this the Surprise Package is, what you know the CASH LINKS nothing else.Are you aware how the referral commissions this ‘Cash Links’ brings you? You guys believe it or not you will earn 50% on every CASH LINKS PURCHASES your Direct Referrals makes under you.


To equalize the missing place of PTC Module on OPA, we have enabled Traffic Exchange that works similar. Here you will get credited for your own click as well as your referral clicks to your Traffic Balance. Read our article on How to Earn with Traffic Exchange here in the previous post. For more details on this please visit our UPGRADE PAGE.


OPA has many features that allows members to earn endless income since there is no limitation on referring Direct Referrals and earning therefore on the commissions after all your self-click earnings and ROI by revenue shares. Apart from these features we also have Cost Per Action/ Get Paid To, Surveys, Traffic Grid, Virtual money (Points), Refback, Group Shares, contests, trophies, Market Place to buy or Sell products etc., more features will also be enabled in future.

That is all for now guys, if you have any doubts or queries please visit OUR SUPPORT PAGE HERE, READ OUR TOS HERE or E-MAIL US HERE.

Stay Tuned and I hope to see you all on the other end in OrganicProfitAds!

All the Best!
Laksha M

How to Earn Money with Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange essentially means viewing others site to have the others view one’s particular site. It is a kind of advertising or site promotion that is really inexpensive. One can actually begin in it without spending for membership fees.

The initial reason in surfing different sites within a traffic exchange program could be the fundamental one. However, as time goes by there are other benefits one can get from it aside from generating traffic to a site.


How it Works

You can place your campaigns by buying Traffic credits or free credits by daily surfing the sites displayed without fail and similarly promote your referral link on other sites so more direct referrals join under you to click ads so as you to earn more and more traffic credits for free and later you can also buy Traffic Exchange credits for your other sites using the Traffic Balance you earn by your surfing and promotional activities.


Most traffic programs impose a time limit where members have to stay on a page, from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. All ads make use of captcha to ensure users interaction. The main reason people join these services is because the of the massive traffic they receive will tend to increase their site rankings.

Steps for Using Traffic exchange

Step: 1

Register best traffic Traffic exchange program as OPA

Step: 2

Place any one or more or your referral links of the other money earning program online of which you are a member. Traffic exchange program provides targeted hits to your website.

Step: 3

Click and view the ads that are placed by other members by clicking ‘Start Surfing’. Solve captcha for each advertisement to proceed to the next ads and earn credits for each advertisement you view in your Traffic Balance.

Step: 4

Promote your referral link of on other online money making a program like PTC sites, Paid to Surf sites and Revenue sharing sites.

You will earn more and more referral click earnings as long as you have got more active direct referrals under you for which you should keep promoting your OPA referral link.

Step: 5

Earn credit using traffic exchange program and get a massive traffic for your other earning sites.

There are two types of traffic exchanges

Manual Surf Traffic Exchange

Auto Surf Traffic Exchange

Manual Surf Traffic exchange: In this type of exchange, you manually click through the other member’s websites or advertisements. Normally there is an anti-cheat technique of some variety being utilized to protect that the system is not being cheated.

I can assure you that any exchange that does not have an anti-cheat system is being cheated by a few people.

Auto Surf Traffic exchange: This system is less demanding to utilize, however far less effective. Fundamentally, it runs automatically with no effort on your part, changing websites or ads every so many seconds. Clearly, on the off chance that you don’t have to take a look at it to have it work, chances are, and individuals haven’t surveyed your advertisement either.

Mistake happen in Traffic Exchange

  • Fake visitors
  • Increase in bounce rate
  • Nobody cares about your site

Share your opinions or experience in the comments.

Revenue Sharing Sites

The revenue sharing sites as many people call them are sites where you purchase advertising packs and you get traffic and a small profit for each of your ad packs. The profit is not guaranteed since the revenue sharing sites are not expected to be considered investments or business opportunities.

A revenue sharing site is a website or organization that shares a percentage of his earnings between members who buy a revenue share pack, also known as a share or ad pack. Most of the time, these programs are advertising websites and require to surf various advertisements every day in order to be eligible for revenue share each minute, hour or day.

Organic Profit Ads – Easy Ways to Earn Money


Revenue Sharing Business Model

The revenue sharing sites don’t have the safest business plan since the member’s profits are based on the deals made by the organization. Therefore, these sites can`t give you a guarantee that you’ll make a benefit or that you’ll even recover the cash spent on their advertising packs.

Earning a commission for each purchased advertisement pack is only a form of incentive for people to purchase these advertising packs. There are a few of these revenue sharing sites which managed to last for a few years, however most of these new revenue sharing sites don’t have a lifespan more than 6 months.

Fundamentally, if people stop promoting these sites and if the organization doesn’t have a fund reserve to pay further, the earnings will stall. You shouldn’t treat these websites like investment opportunities or spend all your lifetime investment funds there by any methods.

Revenue Sharing Site

How the revenue sharing sites work?

Each time you purchase a sharing position (advertisement pack); you get advertising credits that you can use to get presentation for different programs you are in. The quality of the traffic received after purchasing these shares it’s not the best since the traffic it’s boosted traffic that originates from the people`s area (usually banners or a traffic exchange).

Still, in the event you are a bit creative with your banners, if you utilize a video with auto play choice on your select in page or if you write really catchy headlines, you can get some opt-ins or even sales with the enough amount of traffic.

Earn Money through Online


Earn Money with Revenue Sharing

In spite of the unstable business model, the revenue sharing sites were my first online breakthrough and helped me to earn a nice amount of money online. I joined the first revenue sharing in June 2015 (My Paying Ads) and even today, I’m still earning money from this program. But this is only a fortunate example because most of the other revenue sharing sites I joined after are long gone.

There are 2 methods of earning money with the revenue sharing sites (sometimes 3 when you can click cash links): Purchasing advertisement packs and earning that commission after every advertisement packs expires.

Referring other people and earning a commission every time these people purchase an advertisement pack. Both of these strategies can be profitable, yet referring other people will definitely give your earnings a boost since you usually earn commission from the value of every advertisement pack purchased by your referrals.

To Make Money through PTC sites

Paid to click (PTC) is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home.

PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a piece of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement.

Paid to Click Sites or simply “PTCs” gives a simple approach to earning money online while sitting in front of your computer.

Make Money with PTC Sites


In fact, PTCs are the simplest way to Earn Money Online or Make Money Online as we say, without any skills required and No Investment as all PTCs are free to join.

Fundamentally, PTCs act as a middle person amongst advertisers and consumers the advertiser pays for displaying Advertisement on the PTC site and a good part of this cash generated goes to the consumer when he views the advertisements.

This is how PTC sites work. Unlike Affiliate Marketing, setting up an account in PTCs is simple and free and that they pay commissions even if visitors never make any purchases.

The best Paid to Click (PTC) Websites give you the opportunity to get paid for watching advertisements on the web.

There are thousands of advertisers around the globe, who will pay you real money for watching their websites. The initial step to make money clicking ads is to join the best, most trusted and established paid to click sites available online.

The ways to Making Money with PTCs are referrals people that sign up under you utilizing your link. Every referral gets you at least some amount commission of his or her profit. When you enroll on a great deal of PTC sites, tap the required advertisements every day and several referrals you can begin earning hundreds or even a huge number of dollars.

Most sites don’t have a referral limit so the possibilities are endless. Don’t hesitate and join the sites listed here. Registration takes only one or two minutes.


Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for the approaches to gain cash on the online? Did you attempt to profit online before yet did not get achievement? At that point no compelling reason to stress any longer!

Earn Money Online


           1. Earn from PTC sites

If you are trying to earn money online & need only small extra income less than $200 then PTC sites is the most ideal approach to begin. Here you have to click and read the advertisements for 10 to 3o seconds, get paid for each and every advertisement you view.

There are many sites where you can register & make money by reading ads. All sites are free & there is no investment at all. You can check this list of 5 best PTC sites, signup and begin earning.

The Best PTC Site to Earn Money


          2. Earn Money from Survey

Here you can make money by finishing little overviews which takes 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the requirement of a particular company earn from survey. You need to compose your input and sentiment in a review. You simply need to choose your choice from the question and there is no need to compose anything. You can make $1 to $20 depending upon the length of the survey, your profile and the country you are living.

Simple Ways to Earn Money in Organic Profit Ads


         3. Earn with GPT Networks

To include more income, you can likewise join GPT sites where you can earn money by taking small surveys, watching videos, playing games & doing many more activities. We have worked on number of GPT sites however we will recommend only 3 sites which pay their part on time. You can receive your payment by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer.

Advantages of working in GPT sites

  • Multiple ways to earn money online.
  • Referral facility with higher commission percentage.
  • Less scams comparing to PTC sites.

You can earn without working through home page and auto surf, only available in few sites, you can check below in various earning methods for availability of these facilities.

         4. Earn with CPC Advertising

Cost Per Click (CPC) is still very relevant, CPC works by displaying ads on your website, and when a visitor clicks on one of those ads, and your website generates revenue.

It is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

If you wish to extra information concerning PTC sites and GPT Networks along these lines visit at this website

How to know the Best HYIP Monitor for Investment?

The purpose of writing this article is easy, now a days there are bunches of things in the HYIP Industry, which are not quite the same as what they were two years ago. Pure High Yield Investment Program Monitors are getting far less and less well known, for people are more up to take after the HYIP Development along with HYIP monitors combined with blogs. As the result, many administrators of HYIP monitors choose to combine their HYIP Monitor Websites with blogs accordingly.

People begin to understand, how powerful the combination of news and thoughts can be. Listing resources has never been that useful since the monitors administrator got their salary for giving proper statuses and for hiding something.

The news, containing important data can be truly valuable for the general population to have the capacity to forecast any troubles with HYIPs. Today there is so much data; it is that simple to gather everything from the mass. But you should really know how to utilize such resources.

HYIP Monitors:

An HYIP monitor is a good approach to review the market. Checking some popular monitor you will see what programs are accessible, considering their normal popularity, you can likewise find out what kind of advertising system is utilized by these or those HYIPs.

Another nice thing about HYIP Monitors is that some of them show specialized components of the programs (hosting details, security etc…). This information can be utilized to discover the administrator goals to some extent.

In case,

For example, some unique script is utilized along with a costly hosting; the program will barely close down too early.    

At first the administrator needs to achieve the benefit zone and remunerate every one of the spending made. It is important to double-check all the data provided on a single monitor with other comparative services to have the capacity identify to distinguish if the data is valid or false.

One should remember one thing – most HYIP monitors are not aimed at helping financial specialists. You should likewise not trust the only “Paying” seal on one HYIP monitor.

Continuously check for payouts from real members of forums as well as check the sites and similar to find all the rating signs of this or that HYIP on all monitors, where the HYIP is listed in one place.

Another good thing is not to fall into the deposit amount indicated in the program card of the HYIP. If it’s too enormous it implies the main thing, this HYIP could pay much more than required to get higher position in the list.

Obviously for administrators it is best because they don’t invest their own money.

As for we never acknowledge higher deposits for higher listing positions, the rating depends on upon many factors and is calculated automatically, as the outcome the program goes up or down in the list.

We do have a Sticky listing alternative, where HYIP administrators can place their program, in any case we don’t hide that are a paid advancement benefit and any program, which used to arrange Sticky listing expects it goes beyond the main list and the main rating.


I Hope my article was helpful. If you have any remarks, suggestions; don’t be timid to reach me in the e-mail. I would be glad to share my knowledge and experience in you. Thanks for being with me!

About High Yield Investment Program and HYIP Forum

HYIP is High Yield Investment Program, similar to whatever other speculations opportunity, which pays you a rate of your contributed funds. The greater part of the HYIPs pay daily or weekly interests, which can be withdrawn to your payment processor either once every month or once a day. The idea is exceptionally basic, you simply need to invest some of your assets and watch the benefits develop. At that point once a day or month to month basis, your account will be rewarded with the guaranteed interest which can be withdrawn or compounded.

HYIPs is the most straightforward easy revenue. High Yield Investment Programs have become very popular nowadays and lot of con artists or young people are attempting to profit by opening a HYIP fund and they defraud others easily.

Experienced HYIP financial specialists can without much of a stretch perceive the scam, however in the event that you have just started with HYIP investments, be careful with the programs with to a great degree high day by day interests. If you find that they are paying more than 10% daily, then it is certainly a SCAM (Substituted Cysteine Accessibility Method) and you will not see your funds back. Be that as it may, there are some genuine High Yield Investment Programs that have been paying their individuals for a long time and have a good reputation.  You ought to search for these programs that are started by experienced traders. To discover reasonable assets that are great, you can check HYIP monitoring sites like

HYIP Forum

HYIP Forum is an online discussion website where individuals can hold discussions on individual HYIP Programs in the form of posted messages. On HYIP Discussions, you may find detail of a program and additionally the status which is normally posted by individuals, who take part, utilizing a sort of installment evidence. While objective data appears as a reality, we consider HYIP Discussions as the most reliable source to locate a decent program. Subsequently as one of the requirement on our project mapping, we built up a List of Hyip Forums. You can utilize the list to check what the most reliable and trusted HYIPs in the forums. Simply find what thread that currently having a bunch of positive replies and massive views.

Top Hyip Forums

Taking the quantity of forum individuals and posting TG, DTM, MMG, and MMGRu are being considered as the main Hyip Forums in the hyip world. We have found a rating strategy to create hyip forums list to become more or less coming to an objective scoring result. So by our list we are gladly present you not only the main four. Not even top ten but main 100 with an exact score and rating.

We have placed our hyip discussions list on some of blogs site including our domains. It was truly surprised that the page has faced many attacker making an unexpected volume movement that we need to consider putting it carefully. This list will likewise be refreshed time to time if there is a huge change. Check additionally our posting about Blog.


All you need is a way to generate earnings and use our powerful script. To become a successful financial specialist, you need to learn a lot, read all the HYIP related articles written by senior investors, visit forums, participate in HYIP discussions, and of course invest.

How to earn money in HYIP Investment?

The Business model of an HYIP is based on Ponzi scheme. HYIP investment is one of the most effective ways to make money online without solid start-up capital. It is particularly heartening that earning money from home allows getting money fast, in a very short period of time. All you need to do is to choose a reliable HYIP project.

You often find these investment companies promises outrageous ROIs. HYIPs claim they are companies representing themselves as an Information Technology firm, Bit coin investment fund manager, real estate Company, or a Forex trader.

Mistakes in HYIP Investment:

1: Spending too much too soon

2: Not testing the withdraw function

3: Focusing on individual programs instead of the overall plan

4: Not getting your original spend back quickly

5: Getting greedy

6: Doing what everyone else is doing

7: Saving up for one big withdrawal

8: Investing without doing

9: Investing big at the end of the year

10: Not tracking your returns clearly

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) Strategy:

The simplest strategy of HYIPs to show up at the E-currency systems as a true currency like the U.S.Dollar, Euro or the yen, since those are real currencies created and backed by their respective governments. You can`t uniquely move to a cash transformation corner in France and rise to trade your Euros for E-gold.

The procedure that are occurring once you are mercantilism E-gold or E-currencies are providing the support for on-line money through HYIP Monitor. A income exists for all of the money that`s managed all over the web every day.

Here are a number of the foremost utilizes HYIPs Sites Lists ad trusty e-currencies worldwide, some are in business for quite whereas currently, however the preference for such are keen about the user`s determination and convenience.

  • Perfect Money
  • Payza
  • Payeer
  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Adv. Cash

If you wish to extra information concerning HYIPs and E-currencies along these lines visit at this website

Daily News as on 1/06/2017 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed very much the Christmas and the prosperous New Year 2017 too!:) Today I am going to update you guys the worth playable 2 new programs that are already listed on AHF Monitor for good to your knowledge and is a successful paying programs online in the HYIPs Industry.


Mexeer is not simply as an investment platform but it also claims forming its way for the users to do business as an ex changer of the e-currencies by buying and selling e-currencies with the help of their Mexeer wallet called as ‘purse’ with their own currency named as ‘Mex’. And here one Mex is equal to one U.S $ thus it very simple concept where your e-currency deposit as U.S$ (‘Replenish’ there) is auto converted as Mex for investment and it is withdrawn automatically from mex to U.S$ to your respective payment processor accounts from the ‘purse’. Now let me come to the investment plan as a HYIP other than the exchange of the inter currencies. Mexeer have the Light Plan, the Medium Plan and the Larger Plan with the ROI ranging from 150% to 180%. The Light Plan starts with a minimum investment of $10 up to the maximum of $299 and it pays 2% daily for 75 calendar days that leaves you with 50% of profit at the end of the plan maturity. The Medium plan starts with the minimum investment of $300 up to the maximum of $999 and it pays you $2.3% daily until you reach 170% of your total investment thus leaving you with 70% of profit at the end of maturity. Finally the Large plan starts with the minimum of $1000 to the maximum investment of $3000 and this plan leaving you with 80% of profit at its maturity also this is the maximum accepted limit of this program Mexeer.

For AHF,

-Laksha M


Introduction of PALMILLS & Daily News as on 12/29/2016 in the HYIPs Industry

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying Merry Christmas and forthcoming a very fresh New Year 2017!:) Here is me again after a few days to publish the daily news today since there was nothing important to be circulated and thus today I decided to do so since you could find a few new additions with few Instantly paying programs among them on AHF Monitor. So be excited to go through them join them to make some income online with HYIPs at the right time while they are Hot!

PALMILLS is turned a SCAM! Be Alert!

Well Palmills is one of the smooth Instant Paying program online for more than a month now and it is added to AHF Monitor a few days ago. Palmills has just one simple plan that is 3.5% for 60 business days (accrual credited from Monday to Friday) so it is obvious that you will not get any accrual on holidays. As they pay Instantly you need not to wait at all for receiving your money in your wallet once you request for withdrawal as it is paid within seconds once you withdraw. Minimum Invest is $10 and the Maximum is up to $50000. You will get back the Return On Investment as 210%. Palmills accept the major Payment processors such as PerfectMoney, Adv cash, Payeer, Bitcoin and Payeer. The minimum amount you can request when your account reaches at $0.30. They also offer you a 5% of Referral Commissions as well as to become a regional representative if you wish to earn more commissions for which you should meet certain criteria as they mentioned on their site.

And now about some other aspects such as the design and the script. Palmills is running off licensed Goldcoders script as you could find and have a validated Green bar SSL certificate of Geo Trust to confirm the users safety measures while handling your accounts on their service. Palmills also have a certificate of incorporation in the UK as Bio Palm Oil Plantations Limited.

That is for now and we will see a few other program intros. in the coming days. once again wishing you all MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

For AHF,

-Laksha M





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